What’s on your weekend to-do list? If you haven’t made any plans yet, we think you should get creative this weekend! Especially if it means you can sit down with a few gal pals, drink wine, and start a fun project together.

Does that sound like a game plan? Great! Because today is a great day to stock up on a few ONLINE CLASSES. Woot!


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Need help figuring out what classes to enroll in? You could start with our MOST POPULAR CLASSES or CLASSES UNDER $30. Otherwise, here are a few classes that would be fun to start with your girl gang.


Learn how to draw words, phrases, and illustrations with chalkboard artist Valerie McKeehan. In our INTRO TO CHALK LETTERING class, you’ll learn how to:

  • How to choose lettering styles and design principles for your layout
  • How to draw in sans-serif, serif and script letters
  • How to add embellishments, flourishes, and dimension to your design

Into it? Great! ENROLL in this fun and simple online class today.


Capture life in a more polished way. In our PHOTO STYLING class, you’ll style and edit photos to create pretty snapshots that you can use on Instagram. You’ll also learn how to:

  • Set up and master the popular flat lay shot that everyone loves on Instagram!
  • Capture on-brand lifestyle photos anywhere you go.
  • Use filters and settings from various editing apps to make your pictures pop.

The best part is that all you need is your phone and a few props. So what are you waiting for? ENROLL in this photography class today.


Take your lettering up a notch with this fun, quirky lettering style. In our BOUNCE LETTERING BASICS class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use Tombow brush pens to draw a script and block letter alphabet
  • Apply the right strokes (and pressure) to create bounce lettering words and phrases
  • Use blending techniques to add extra oomph to your designs
  • Create your own custom hand-lettered cards (you’ll create two in this class!)

Ready to get started? Grab some gal pals and ENROLL in this fun lettering class today.

Whether you’re going solo and inviting a crew over, we’ve got all kinds of ONLINE CLASSES that you can try out. From ILLUSTRATION to BUSINESS, we’ll get you started on a creative weekend yet! Stock up on a few of your faves and reminder to use code WEEKENDTODO at checkout to save 25 percent. Let’s do it!

Planning a get-together this weekend? Make sure to share your projects with us on Instagram!