The amount of “stuff” you collect after you have a baby is almost unbelievable. We’re not referring to the medical devices that the docs use, the eco-friendly diapers that cover your baby’s bum, or the crib that they’ll (hopefully) sleep in. We’re talking about the totally unnecessary — but totally adorable — gear and gizmos, over-the-top posh nursery items, and baby-tech gadgets that new parents feel the need to buy (or that get bought for them). But as you’re sifting through all these possible fun registry items to round out the essentials, you may come across, um… an oddball item or two. Yep, they’re real. And we’ve picked out our top faves for your enjoyment!

1. Accessory Adhesive: Your baby girl doesn’t have enough hair to make those pretty little bows stay put? Okay, no prob here: That’s what baby glue is for. Girlie Glue was masterminded by a mama who just couldn’t deal with slipping headbands and bows with nowhere to attach them. She came up with an agave-based, all-natural adhesive to solve the “massive” problem of ensuring everyone can correctly guess the gender of your tiny person who can’t even pronounce a pronoun.

2. Wee Weaves: Apparently you’re never too young for extensions. If the idea of just gluing stuff to your baby’s head strikes you as too extreme, you could try Baby Bangs instead. This combo accessory pairs wispy, baby-like artificial hair with a sweet headband in an array of feminine styles. Why worry about your baby’s big ol’ bald head when you can just cover it with a teeny-tiny toupee?

3. Infant Breeze Baby Butt Fan (Out of stock): It’s definitely true that keeping a dry derriere is a must when it comes to defending your newborn’s sensitive skin. So how on earth did we mamas get along for millennia without a baby-butt fan? Technically, a butt fan is a legit gizmo that your little one “needs.” Then again, you probably already have a stockpile of super-drying washcloths. Hmm. A tough call, for sure.

4. Petite Pumps: No, not breast pumps — those are totally necessary, at least if you’re nursing. Just in case your baby’s bow glue didn’t hold or her hairpiece happened to fall off, you can make extra-desperately sure that everyone will still know that you have a girl with these pint-sized pumps. They’re actually considered “crib shoes” and aren’t at all made for walking, even if your kiddo could. Instead of a hard sole, these itsy-bitsy, fashionista-in-training accessories have collapsible heels.

5. ninetofivejewelry Breast Milk Pendant ($22): In case a photo isn’t enough to commemorate this so-special time, you can always preserve some of your breast milk by having it turned into jewelry. Sure, some girls are all about diamonds. And others would rather go for emeralds or rubies. Well, you can put them all to shame and get a true statement piece. After all, there really is no purchased gem that could say more than something made out of your own bodily secretions.

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