Whether you鈥檙e trying to tone down your carb consumption, going full-on ketogenic, or just focusing on eating 鈥渉ealthy鈥 carbs instead of bowls of white pasta, experiencing carb cravings is probably ALWAYS going to happen. But indulging in some carbs (or foods that taste sneakily like carbs) can be both healthy and delicious鈥 You just have to know the right healthy eating hacks. We talked to Martina Della Vedova, nutritional advisor for Nature鈥檚 Plus, about the best ways to stay on track when you鈥檙e trying to shift your diet.

Fresh hummus is served with celery and carrot sticks

1. Eat your protein. When you鈥檙e trying to eat well, it鈥檚 important to get enough protein. Not only does protein help satiate you, but it can actually provide glucose to your cells, helping to accomplish many of the same effects as carbs. Della Vedova suggests eating 鈥減rotein-rich snacks such as eggs, raw spinach, raw carrots, celery with hummus, olive pate, or a protein shake. Protein helps keep blood sugar in balance and avoid insulin spikes and drops.鈥

2. Snack on something crunchy. Carb cravings can mean different things. When you want to pop some potato chips or french fries, a salty, crunchy snack might do the trick beautifully. That鈥檚 why Della Vedova says to snack on 鈥渘uts and seeds such as raw almonds, cashews, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, or macadamia nuts. These are great options as snacks when you feel you need to munch on something.鈥

A gluten-free, low-carb udon soup is prepared with zoodles

3. Kick pasta cravings with zoodles. If you鈥檝e been eating low-carb for a while, you鈥檙e probably no stranger to the concept of zoodles. But they鈥檙e popular for a reason 鈥 they give you the feel of a big bowl o鈥 pasta minus all the heavy carbs. 鈥淸Go for] seaweed spaghetti or spiralized raw zucchini with freshly made pesto,鈥 encourages Della Vedova. 鈥淭his is a great option for when you feel the need of comforting foods, as zucchini contains high-fiber carbohydrates. These are ideal to maintain blood sugar under control.鈥

4. Find healthy alternatives to dessert. A craving for sweets can be a real diet-wrecker, so try to find more nutritious alternatives. If you鈥檙e not doing full-on keto and are okay with eating some whole grains, Della Vedova recommends oat cakes with coconut oil and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Trying to stay super-low-carb? There are tons of low-carb desserts you can whip up.

5. Drink up. A lot of people think they鈥檙e hangry, only to discover that they simply weren鈥檛 drinking enough water. If you鈥檙e eating low-carb, your body needs extra hydration. A glass of lemon water with a pinch of salt should help rebalance your electrolytes and stave off headaches and pangs.

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