This is NOT turning out to be a great month for our wallets. First, ClassPass cranked up their prices (up to $190 if you live in NYC) and now Netflix is also hitting us with an increase. The top streaming service first broke the news of their cost change back in January, but it looks like the updates are finally and officially rolling out. Here’s what you need to know to keep up your nightly binging sesh.

Smart TV remote control with Netflix button

Even if you were grandfathered into that coveted $7.99 deal, your monthly subscription will be going up by two dollars. You’ll be alerted via a pop-up next time you open the website or app. You can either accept the increase or “choose other options.”

Should you opt for the latter, you’ll be sent to a page that shows you all the options Netflix offers. If you really want to keep paying $7.99 you can, but it’ll cost you (as ironic as that might be). By paying the minimum you’ll only be able to play Netflix on one screen at a time and everything will be in standard definition. The new $9.99 option allows for streaming of two screens at once and HD quality. We’re thinking we can scrounge up an extra two bucks for that. PS, should you decide you want to be able to stream on up to FOUR screens at once, you can opt for the $11.99/month plan.

Currently, there is no universal date as to when this price increase will roll out. It’s mostly dependent on when you first signed up for the service + when your billing cycle ends. If you’re worried they’ll charge you on the DL, know that you will be notified at least a month before your account changes for good.

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