You STILL haven’t picked up that perfect white elephant gift for your office holiday party or family swap, but never fear: we just found an amazing stocking-stuffer that’s so cool, your buddies won’t even mind getting it a little bit late.

It all starts out innocently enough. On first burn, this egg-shaped candle presents as an elegant putty colored orb with a subtly pebbled texture that would make an understated accent for your recipient’s home decor. Nothing unusual about this candle at all, right? It’s just kind of, well, nice. But once it burns for a little while…

SURPRISE! There’s a baby dino inside that egg!

Aww! Can someone say “cold-blooded cutie?”

The too-adorable (and just a LITTLE menacing) baby velociraptor inside this hatching dinosaur candle is made of porcelain, and will last long after the candle’s final drops of wax have melted away. And in case you have any lingering doubts, concerns, or suspicions of this lifelike little guy, Firebox’s website thoughtfully warns: “Sometimes life doesn’t find a way. Dinosaurs are 100% extinct.”

While you might not be able to buy your gift recipient a baby dinosaur of their very own, this is basically the next best thing.

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(h/t BuzzFeed + Photos via Firebox)