Was your office’s White Elephant not enough excitement for you this holiday season? Okay, you might be a little obsessed then, but that’s fine because SpoonRocket, a San Francisco-based food delivery company is taking the gift exchange ritual to the next level with a citywide gift swap. Have they been reading our journal entries?!


If you live in the Bay Area and want to join in on the gift giving fun, order from SpoonRocket on December 21 or 22. Your delivery driver will come bearing your food (of course) AND a gift from the previous customer that you get to unwrap if you have one for the next lucky (or unlucky) person. Your gift will be passed on in the next delivery and you’ll receive an email with your gift giver’s info so you can thank them. We live in 2014, people!

Not only is this a super fun and festive initiative from the delivery service, but it’s also for a good cause. For every gift that enters the giant swap, SpoonRocket will donate a meal to St. Vincent de Paul’s food pantry program.


Don’t have a White Elephant gift to give laying around your place? No worries, check out our white elephant gift guide for ideas or to the B+C Shop now and buy away!

Are you going to participate in the San Francisco citywide gift swap? Let us know in the comments.