In the world of techsessories, the only thing better than having an awesome phone case is having a unique charger. Say goodbye to the days of, “Whose charger is this?” and hello to the dawn of, “OMG! Whose charger is this… I NEED ONE!”

Whooz, a San Francisco-based company, creates these crazy creative vinyl labels for your iDevice chargers to make it easy to tell them apart from your coworkers’, roommates’, friends’ or fams’. These are not your ordinary label maker name tags. Stick them on and your boring ol’ devices are transformed into super heroes, pets, creatures, people — even sleek, modern, solid-colored pieces if you fancy yourself a bit more serious. The labels are made with an adhesive that will come off without a fuss so when you’re ready for a new design, you can easily switch it up.

Right now, you can order designs for $13 that fit both American and British iPhone, iPod and iPad chargers, and a MacBook version is on its way. Android users, Whooz is strongly considering a design for you too, so stay tuned.

Think about all the problems this will solve. You won’t need to buy a brand spankin’ new charger every time someone at the office “claims” that yours is theirs. You and your roommates can tell your chargers apart, without speculation or passive aggressive Post-its. You’ll never forget to bring your charger along for the ride because you’ll want to show them off. Let’s face it: It’s basically the most adorable thing ever. (Plus, they make really sweet gifts.)

Oo, and if you need another reason to love this small company, we got one. Over Xmas, they partnered with Arc of San Francisco, a nonprofit organization for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to employ people from the program. Whooz awesome? Whooz is pretty awesome.

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