If seeing the pyramids is on your ultimate travel bucket list, now is definitely the time to do it. Whether you travel solo or with your boo, you’ll feel like an authentic explorer in Egypt right now. Cairo’s tourism industry is only just starting to pick back up, so the lines are still short and the adventure is everywhere. Who wouldn’t want to feel like they’re the only one discovering the tombs?


The political climate following the Egyptian Revolution in 2011 has deterred travelers for the last five years. The safety of the region is fairly secure, but travelers hoping to catch a glimpse of those impressive structures are still hesitating to make the journey. Only one million tourists visited Egypt in November and December of 2015, down 41 percent compared to the year before, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Years of low turnout have made the people of Cairo even more welcoming to newcomers and ready to greet them with a smile and enthusiasm.

This secret is starting to get out, though. With sources like the New York Times and the Washington Post revealing the early-bird luck people are having at some of humanity’s greatest structural achievements, it’s only a matter of time before the city of Cairo and its nearby ancient civilization become another hot spot for Tevas and fanny packs — and not the cute kind. Go now, while you still have the chance to feel like you’re Indiana Jones in an undiscovered land.

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