Geeks and movie lovers everywhere, get ready to rejoice. A small company called Spark has created a sword that mimics Frodo’s and Bilbo‘s magic sword, Sting. But rather than alerting the Baggins to Orcs and dark creatures of the like, this sword is all about alerting you to potential evil presences of a more modern age. It’s called WarSting and it lets you know when you’re using sketchy, unprotected WiFi.

WarSting glows bright blue every time it senses an unprotected WiFi network. If you brandish that glowing sword, it will send out a signal that publishes a message to the WiFi’s user, declaring that their network has been vanquished.


Why create such a tool? It’s part of a larger effort to encourage people to encrypt their WiFi and protect themselves against hackers, keeping their WiFi safe.


You can make your own WarSting at home thanks to some handy DIY instructions provided by Spark. And while it’s not as epic as a quest to save the world, it’s still pretty awesome.

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(h/tDesign Taxi)