Skiing is great, but it’s expensive and time consuming and sometimes winter drags on for a really long time. But there’s no reason to hibernate when the snow refuses to leave. If hitting the slopes just isn’t what you’re into these days, how about some more creative winter activities? It’s time to stop dreaming of sunny destinations and embrace the cold with these 11 winter adventures.

1. Ice Climbing: Please do not attempt this at home. (Photo via @photojbartlett)

2. Reindeer Safari: Forget Africa; head up north and track down some reindeer. Or, just get pulled in a sled by them while you sip on some hot coffee. Either way, who can say no to that fuzzy nose? (via Carisa Travel)

3. Find the Northern Lights: You don’t need to be at the North Pole to see this gorgeous phenomenon. These curtains of light dance across Northern skies from October to March, so keep your eyes peeled. (via

4. Polar Bear Swim: This definitely isn’t everyone’s cup of tea… but if you’re feeling especially adventurous, you could make a whole party out of jumping into a frozen lake. Apparently it’s really good for your immune system, but we’ll let you decide if it’s worth taking the plunge. (via Express-O)

5. Ice Caves: Take a wintery road trip and head to Minnesota or Wisconsin to see these incredible natural ice caves. When Lake Superior freezes over you can hike along the lake and check out dozens of unique caves that form along the coastline. (via Outside)

6. Snow Camping: We won’t judge you if you’d rather stay in a warm cabin than a tent. Honestly, we just want to make a huge bonfire and eat s’mores, but July is just too far away. (via Outside)

7. Snowshoeing: Enjoy a leisurely morning wandering through magical forests via snowshoe and then head back to a toasty fire. It’s much more relaxing and invigorating than standing in a lift line for twenty minutes. (via @hellobc)

8. Build an Igloo: Get the kids out of the house with a massive engineering igloo project. With the right directions and enough kids, they could have a glowing fort by afternoon. (via PopSugar)

9. Go Dog Sledding: If you love all things furry, you’ve got to try dog sledding. Find a kennel that will give you the whole tour plus a lesson or two and then take off on your own mini Iditarod adventure. (via The Travel Hack)

10. #Hibernot: #Hibernot is Land Rover’s campaign encouraging families to head outdoors and enjoy the best of the cold weather. So grab your kids and a thermos of hot chocolate and have a car picnic while you enjoy the winter scenery. (via mode_landrover)

11. Keep those Workout Resolutions: Just because there’s snow on the ground doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with your running goals. Make safety a priority: Dress in layers, wear reflective gear, keep your face covered and add traction to your shoes. (via Back and Neck)

What are your favorite winter activities? Share your thoughts in the comments below!