Winter is coming. Actually, scratch that. Winter is here. You could try to stick it out, brave that eminent polar vortex and elbow your way into a cab to avoid the cold. Or you can forget all that, play hooky and escape to a charming cabin where suddenly the chilly winter weather is less of a drag and more of a luxury. So grab some skis, some hot cocoa mix and your best sweater and ditch your daily grind for a dream holiday at one of these 12 cabin rentals.

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1. Cabin in the Alps (Zgornje Jezersko, Slovenia): For a total escape from society, (major creativity zone, anyone?) head to this cabin, which lies in the heart of Alpine Valley, Jezersko. Surrounded by mountain peaks reaching over 8,000 feet, this is a quiet and totally cozy retreat for someone who wants to temporarily trade the hustle and bustle of city life for fresh air, hiking and some astonishing views.


2. Modern Two Bedroom Cabin (Tofino, BC): This luxurious cabin in British Columbia seamlessly blends nature with modern design. This sweet spot is only a 12 minute walk from the beach, or if you鈥檙e headed there in the snowy winter, stay home and spend the day in the hot tub. To top it all off, this property also uses a rain-water harvest system. Love an eco edge anywhere we鈥檙e jetting off to.

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3. Tiny House on Crooked River (Waterford, ME): This tiny house is pretty much straight out of a Henry David Thoreau book. It鈥檚 the only development on a 50-acre peninsula bordered by Crooked River and all its landlocked salmon and trout. With a wood-burning stove and without electricity, it鈥檚 a getaway for solitude seekers, nature lovers and novel writers alike. (via @airbnb)


4. Cabin at Green Mountain (Deadwood, SD): Escape to this cabin and spend the week shooting skeet and drinking moonshine. If you forget about technology entirely we won鈥檛 be surprised. This epic retreat costs $205 per night, but considering it fits eight, we鈥檙e calling this one a steal.


5. Romeo and Juliet Hobbit Pod (North Yorkshire, England): This glamping community doesn鈥檛 open back up again until April, but it鈥檚 such great spot for a weekend getaway, we think it鈥檚 worth the wait. Located in scenic North Yorkshire, this community offers bell tents, unidomes and teepees, but we鈥檙e all about their hobbit pods. We repeat: hobbit pods 鈥 specifically the romantic Romeo and Juliet hobbit pod. Nestled under a canopy of trees, this miniature house is rustic enough to feel like you鈥檙e camping, but with all the luxuries of making it super easy.

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6. Old Barn Cottage (Saint-Martin, Valais, Switzerland): This isn鈥檛 a still from The Sound of Music. This is actual cabin that you can rent. We promise. If that view isn鈥檛 enough to have you hooked, this unreal rental is just as beautiful inside as it is out.


7. Glamorous Woodsy Cabin (Winston-Salem, North Carolina): If you鈥檙e looking for a group vacation spot, look no further. This gigantic 3,400-square-foot rambler is part log cabin, part design masterpiece. Designed by a realtor-interior designer couple, this place is pretty much Pinterest heaven. Hang out in the covered 鈥減arty barn鈥 above the garage or escape the wilderness and take a ten minute drive to downtown.


8. North Pole Cabin (Fairbanks, Alaska): If you鈥檙e ready to dive head first into this whole snow thing, zip up to Alaska and sneak away to this picturesque cabin. Though you are close to the comforts of everyday living, it鈥檚 easy to feel like you鈥檙e a long way out in the woods here. Don鈥檛 be surprised to find a moose grazing around the property or the Northern Lights dancing in the sky at night.


9. Timberland Cabin (Lake Tahoe, California): No, this is not a gingerbread house. You can stay here. And even ski here! Nestled in the mountains of Lake Tahoe, this two-bedroom cabin comes complete with a hot tub and a kitschy ski-lined fence. You can hang out and enjoy this charming place all day or head off to hit the slopes 鈥 or maybe a little bit of both.

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10. Camp Cabin at Cataloochee (Maggie Valley, NC): This cabin鈥檚 $500-per-night price tag might seem shocking at first, but this massive house sleeps 30! Grab all the friends you have and get them to come along to this spot located next to Cataloochee Ranch and ski area in the Great Smoky Mountains. Go for a chilly hike, be adventurous and try rock climbing or just stay at the house and hang out with all your favorite people.

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11. Forest House (Utrecht, Netherlands): If all this log cabin craziness isn鈥檛 quite your style, head to Holland and spend some time in this adorable guest house in Utrecht. It鈥檚 a 10-minute bike ride from the old historic town of Amersfoort and an hour from Amsterdam. Here鈥檚 a perfect option if you want some seclusion, but maybe not 100 acres of it.

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12. Grand Teton Cottage (Jackson, WY): Slip back in time and escape to this adorable, arched cottage located in Grand Teton Park. In addition to cross-country skiing and chilling by the fireplace, this neighborhood is also renowned for its wildlife viewing. The local tour groups bring their guests by to view bison, moose, elk, deer, antelope, bald eagles, wolves and grizzly bears.

Where is your go-to winter hideaway? Share with us in the comments below.