As much as Christmas trees give us the warm and fuzzies, there comes a time when crackly, tinder-box-dry needles litter your living room and the risk of the whole thing going up in flames becomes all too real. What’s a modern homemaker to do after all the holiday decor returns to its perfectly organized set of storage boxes? Definitely not leave those walls and mantels starker than a white cake with no sprinkles, fillings or frosting. Not sure how to top all the glitzy glory from December? We’re bringing you 15 simple decor ideas to make your home cozy all the way until spring.

Carpe Diem

1. Carpe Diem Print ($32): Give yourself a reminder that day doesn’t always mean daylight during the winter months. Seize the day!

Pastel Utensils

2. Pastel Serving Utensils ($12): Embrace the seasonal color palette by incorporating frosty tones into your kitchen. Might we recommend matching up with a Pantone-inspired living room?

Noted Soy Candle

3. Noted Soy Candle ($24): Nothing says winter like the flickering copper glow of a fragrant candle. While you wait for the days to get long enough to actually be at home before the sun goes down, add a few soy-based burners to your living space.

Boobies Terrarium

4. Boobies! Terrarium ($65): When it’s barren outside, bring a little life inside. Fresh forest moss — and a feisty flasher — complete this lively decor piece, which will totally remind you to live it up during hibernation months.

Fox Print

5. Fox Print ($20): Can’t you just see this fox gently striding across a field of just-fallen snow? Follow in its tracks down a snowy path to a cozy place of respite: your living room, where this watercolor + ink print claims center stage on your gallery wall.

Catalina Pillow

6. Catalina Pillow ($58): With winter in full swing, cool colors are an obvious choice for decor, and this blue ombre throw pillow is the perfect recovery from December’s red and green overload.


7. Breathe Print ($15): This is the ultimate formula for keeping it together during the gloomy winter months: inhale, exhale, repeat. Whether you can see your breath materialize in a cloud of frost before you or not, visualize warm sand and ocean water lapping against your toes with this wall print.

Azul Dinner Napkins

8. Azul Dinner Napkins ($28): Keep it cool with these fun dinner napkins. With a wintry color palette and lively pattern, they’re sure to keep your table warm and welcoming.


9. Sup Doormat ($50): Whether you have banks of snow or monsoon rains in your area, protect your floors from unwelcome mud + slush with this fun doormat.

Bstrong Hook

10. Bstrong Hook ($25): Bundling up in all those comfy winter layers can mean a cramped coat closet and not enough hangers to go around, especially when friends pay a visit. Hang heavy coats on any surface with these versatile hooks.

Gold Dots Tray

11. Gold Polka Dot Tray ($70): Keep your home bright with this decorative serving tray. Use it to organize your desk or decorate your coffee table. Better yet, serve piping hot coffee + breakfast to your SO on days when it’s too cold to get out of bed.

Party Animal

12. Party Animal Embroidery Kit ($25): Squirrels are known hibernators, but did you ever think that maybe, just maybe, they spend their winters partying to their hearts’ content? Consider the partying squirrel your spirit animal this winter and DIY this embroidered wall art.

Leather Lamp Kit

13. Hanging Lamp Kit ($39): If you can’t rely on ample sunlight to shine in all the corners of your rooms, light up your space with a little help from a hanging light that you make yourself.

Mountain Print

14. Mountain Print ($25): Brave the toughest storms and give yourself the push you need to overcome obstacles this season with this inspirational wall print.

Chevron Wall Decal

15. Chevron Wall Decal ($27): Break away from dull walls this winter by amping them up with a huge, removable decal.

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