We’re dreaming of a white… winter wedding. Winter weddings are fabulous for so many reasons, from reduced vendor prices to higher venue and photographer availability. In the south, you can easily host them outside, while snowier states provide the perfect backdrop for bridal portraits. The tricky part? Nailing your gorgeous, dramatic bouquet and floral arrangements. The traditional blooms may not be available in your area, but we’ve got your back with 15 of the best winter bridal bouquets out there.

1. Mistletoe: It’s a Christmas classic that rose to the top for a reason: It’s all about the romance. (via Ruffled)

2. Pink, Please: Winter bouquets are a time to highlight hardier plants like ferns, berries and juniper. These plants give your bouquet dimension and texture in a white wonderland. (via Clayton Austin)

3. Roses + Pines: Mixing textures in your winter bouquet is easier than you think. If you’re still a little intimidated, just pick one of each. This bride nailed it. (via Mumma’s Corner)

4. Pop of Plum: Your winter wedding doesn’t have to mean an all-dark bouquet. Add some wintry depth to a mostly light color palette with a few red, plum or black blooms. (via Ruffled)

5. Silver: Silver and gray plants like eucalyptus and dusty miller look funky on their own. But as backup dancers to bright blooms? Perfection. (via Weddingomania)

6. Classically Christmas: When you choose winter bouquets, your arrangements are guaranteed to smell amazing. The scents of roses, pine and juniper will keep your guests feeling merry and bright. (via The Knot)

7. Natural: Not big into blooms? Mix natural grasses and plants for a woodsy and rusitc bouquet. (via WhiteWood Studios)

8. Succulents: Succulents are a major wedding trend this year, and we can’t think of a better place for them than in your bouquet. You can even pull certain succulents from your floral arrangement to create monochromatic boutonnieres for your groomsmen. (via 3photography)

9. Jewel Tones: Fall and winter weddings are the perfect time for rich color, like this jewel-toned bouquet, which adds warmth to your wedding color scheme. (via Intimate Weddings)

10. Fabulous Ferns: Want to go big on a dramatic bouquet, but dont have it in the wedding budget? Ferns make an affordable — and gorgeous — statement. (via Aaron Young Photography)

11. Blue Christmas: If you’re into a more traditional, bloom-filled bouquet, blue and white flowers are on trend for winter. (via Tracy Enoch Photography)

12. Blackberry: Blackberry is a dramatic winter color… dramatically romantic, that is. (via Revel)

13. Oak Leaves: Oak leaves are so nontraditional, and when included in a bouquet, they make for a timeless arrangement. Green leaves work in winter (your florist can help you locate some), or use bright red maple leaves to add warmth. (via My Wedding)

14. Evergreen: Keep your bouquet bridal with white roses, ranunculuses or lilies and then add some pinecones in the supporting layer of the bouquet. (via Aaron Varga Photography)

15. Holiday Magic: This time of year is all about giving, and this evergreen bouquet is the gift that keeps on keepin’ on. Repurpose these florals in your holiday home decorations or gift them to guests who stick around to help with post-wedding errands. (via Jennifer Stuart Photography)

Which bouquets do you like best for a winter wedding? Let us know in the comments below!