Investing in a new work wardrobe while you’re pregnant can be a challenge. You want to save money for your new baby, but you also want to look fly in a professional setting throughout your pregnancy. Thankfully, Utah-based start up Domo is looking to make the process even easier. According to Fortune, Domo is giving its pregnant employees a shopping spree for new maternity office wear. Pregnant women who work at the company will receive gift cards for up to $2,000 that they can spend on duds from places like Nordstrom and A Pea in the Pod.


Since maternity clothes are kind of pricey considering you could potentially wear them only once in your life, a company stipend could really help out employees. But a new wardrobe isn’t the only preggo perk for Domo employees. The company offers baby bonuses and gives an extensive paternity leave to partners.

This year has seen some major improvements for working parents; Netflix announced a one-year flexible maternity and paternity policy, the Navy extended their maternity leave and companies like IBM are changing the game for breastfeeding moms.

Hopefully more companies follow Domo’s (beautifully tailored maternity) suit!

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(h/t Fortune, photo via Getty)