Pickle juice is kiiiind of amazing. It can boost your immunity, act as THE perfect cocktail mixer, and even help solve social anxiety. In short, it’s a superfood, and that’s exactly why Van Holten’s, manufacturers of all things pickle-related, are hoping you’re going to love their new must-have summer snack: pickle popsicles.

Made with Van Holten’s signature pickle brine and enhanced with electrolytes, Pickle-Ice is not just a refreshing treat: It’s actually a powerful “athletic supplement that helps rehydrate and prevent cramps” all while “keeping your body hydrated, balanced, and performing at peak levels.”

The two-ounce pops taste like the real deal, are perfectly snackable, and are actually not all that uncommon in states such as Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, and Mississippi, where pickle pops are regularly sold at sporting events. In fact, it was after Vice President of Sales and Marketing Eric Girard was sent a snap of a homemade pickle pops being sold at a baseball game that he was inspired to invent Van Holten’s very own version.

“Pickles seem to be a huge trend right now,” Girard told Delish. “We’re excited to be riding that wave.”

If you’re as intrigued as we are, you can now pick up your very own eight-pack online ($14) or head over to your local grocery store. Otherwise, you may want to wait until July when they’ll be made available in close to 700 Walmart stores across the US.

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(h/t Cosmopolitan; Photos via Van Holten’s/Instagram)