One minute you’re making 2013 heart-shaped cookie-dough brownie pops for V-Day and the next you’re prepping party crowns for NYE 2014. Time flies when you’re having fun, and as the end of the year draws nigh, we’re wondering just how much fun we had. Tons undoubtedly. But to be sure, we need cold hard facts. And we’re getting them with apps that sum up a fabulous year in social media.

1. My Year On Twitter: Besides letting users see their Golden Tweet and their number one fan, the feature shows the 10 words you most often use. (Note to self: Expand vocabulary in 2014.)

2. Facebook Year In Review: You know it. And you’ve probably already click on it. It’s incredibly easy to use. Facebook literally puts a huge button on your profile beckoning you to click it to see your top 20 haps from the past year. Good times.

3. Google+ Auto Awesome: Firstly, you have to be an active Google+ user –– meaning you’ve uploaded video and photos to your account over the past 365. Already done that? Then your reward is an Auto Awesome video that automagically creates a montage of your unarguably awesome year.

4. Statigram: Lots of you are probably already using Statigram… if you’re not, get on it now. For the year-end wrap up, they created a new tool that lets you make a short video of your five most liked images. We’re especially keen on rose-colored roundups from florists like Natalie Bowen.

5. Everlapse: If flaunting a mere five photos just won’t do, you’re going to want to go with Everlapse. It’s similar to the Statigram tool but allows you to create a highlights reel of your 20 most loved pics.

6. Flipagram: And yet another contender for your Instagram year in review, Flipagram differs from Statigram and Everlapse’s flipbook in that it allows you to pull from both your Camera Roll and Facebook. Let’s just say there’s a reason it’s the current top free app.

7. Storify: Want to make up your own interpretation of the year? Storify lets you pull from all your social media outlets and create a personalized account of the undertakings. Paint the year in whatever light you see fit –– we’re thinking a glittery gold spotlight for our own.

8. HootSuite: If you’re super serious about your social media presence, like on the level of Martha Stewart and the Obama Administration, this is the aggregator you want to use. Not only does it let you coordinate posts through multiple social media channels, but you can get loads of stats on how your past year panned out.

9. ToutApp: Email habits are fascinating. No seriously. They are. And ToutApp offers a glimpse into your past year with Gmail. You can see everything from how many emails you sent to how many emails you received, how often you reply and others and how often others reply to you. After looking at my personal stats, I came up with a New Years Resolution: Answer mom’s emails more often.

What apps are you getting nostalgic with? Let us know in the comments below!