For those of you who can’t get enough of yoga, you’ll love these Instagram-worthy tattoos inspired by the practice. No matter what kind of philosophy you prefer — whether it’s yoga that relieves stress or rage yoga that lets you vent serious steam — the very essence of the exercise is chock-full of meaning. Because it encompasses physical, emotional and spiritual exploration, there’s a lot of ground to cover when it comes to tattoo designs. Yogis, if you’re thinking about getting a tatt of your favorite pastime, consider these 18 meaningful yoga tattoos found on Instagram.

1. Lotus and Ganesh Tattoo: This beautifully vibrant pair of tattoos are brimming with meaning. If your greatest struggle is overcoming worldly obstacles to achieve spiritual growth, this dynamic duo is a strong contender.

2. Watercolor Salutation Seal Tattoo: You’ve probably seen this position before if you’ve taken a yoga class. The gesture of bringing your palms together at your heart’s center is supposed to represent the harmonious union of your individual self and universal self. Pair it with some flowers and you’ll have the most gorgeous yogi tattoo in the entire studio.

3. Hamsa Tattoo: Chances are you’ve noticed this symbol floating around everywhere from home decor to on-trend wardrobe pieces. This ancient talismanic symbol is actually believed to ward off negative energies known as “the evil-eye,” which makes it pretty popular in jewelry and art.

4. Mandala Tattoo: Though often portrayed as concentric circles, the mandala symbol can occur in other geometric shapes as well. It serves as a representation of the universe, and would look great as a forearm or shoulder tatt.

5. Enlightenment Tattoo: This striking 3D tattoo can be interpreted as an illustration of having reached enlightenment. By removing the obstacles or “blocks” from one’s path, you can come into alignment with yourself and the universe. Plus, that galaxy tattoo vibe makes the piece super on trend.

6. Ganesh Tattoo: For yogis who prefer a simple black ink design, opt for this elephant-headed deity who’s thought to bring good fortune. There’s even a Ganesh mantra that, when recited, is believed to bring you good luck.

7. Abstract Lotus Tattoo: The lotus flower is also a popular token in yoga. It’s recognized as a symbol of being fully grounded yet aspiring towards the spiritual. Choose a minimalist look like this geometric-inspired tattoo and add a bit of color with a watercolor circle.

8. Lotus Mandala Tattoo: The divine lotus symbol is said to represent the heart, where Eastern beliefs say the spiritual deity resides. Some teachings even go so far as to call the “lotus of heart” the infinite, omnipresent consciousness of the universe. Get it inked near your heart, like this gorgeous tatt.

9. Sankalpa Tattoo: The practice of sankalpa, otherwise known as “resolve,” offers an Eastern alternative to the Western “resolution.” Rather than believing you should change to achieve your purpose in life, it proposes you are already who you need to be to fulfill those goals. Simply put, all you need is focus to find that purpose, and get this tattoo, of course.

10. Hamsa + Ganesh Tattoo: If you can’t decide between two symbols that mean a lot to you, why not merge them, like this Hamsa + Ganesh tattoo? That way you can combine good fortunes from both of these talismanic characters.

11. Om Tattoo: Put your mantra on your sleeve so you remember to harness it during your practice or when life throws you challenges. It’s the perfect minimalist tattoo for the devoted yogi.

12. Dancer’s Pose: Yogis know that holding dancer’s pose requires core strength and discipline to maintain. This tree-inspired tattoo can be a helpful reminder to stay rooted in the earth to maintain your balance.

13. Lotus Tattoo: The color of the lotus can also vary in meaning. Whereas a white or pink lotus flower stands for purity and devotion, a purple lotus flower is said to mean spiritual rebirth. Slap one on your thigh with some geometric accents for a sexier yoga-inspired tatt.

14. Lotus and Chakra Tattoo: From the base of the spine to the top of the head, the seven chakras represent the centers of your body through which energy flows. Keep your body and mind in alignment with this symbolic tattoo of the seven chakras.

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15. Yoga Poses Tattoo: Daily yoga isn’t even a question for you. If you’re committed to practicing your downward-facing dogs and warrior poses, you’ll love this tattoo idea.

16. Mandala + Moon Phases: Like the moon affects the ocean tides, people (being made of 70% water) are also influenced by the moon. Put these phases around a mandala to harness all of your guiding forces.

17. Unalome Tattoo: You’ll probably see these tattoos popping up a lot when you search for yoga tattoo inspo. According to buddhist belief, the unalome symbol represents the path to enlightenment. The spirals stand for the twists and turns in life, and the straight line represents the moment you reach enlightenment.

18. Chakra Tattoo: To prevent illness from a blocked chakra and keep your energy flowing, it’s encouraged to understand what each chakra represents. Each chakra is uniquely its own with a corresponding color, which is supposed to reflect your current physical, emotional and spiritual state. Keep those in mind by adding this gorgeous rainbow anywhere on your bod. Go big like this tattoo or smaller and down the spine for a stunning back tattoo.

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