Aside from the makeup artists and hairstylists, celebrities are not shy when it comes to DIY beauty hacks. While some yield some pretty amazing results, like Blake Lively’s tried and true mayo in the hair trick, others are a flop (see: Kat Dennings and her failed coffee dye job). Zoe Saldana may have just given us another one for the pro column, admitting to Byrdie that she uses something on her locks that we hadn’t really thought to try before: rum. Say what?!

Having grown up in the Dominican Republic, the mother of three explains that her beauty routine has always been very organic — and sometimes alcoholic. “In the islands, rum isn’t only for drinking,” she told the outlet. “You put it in your hair. If you put it on your ends, you get sort of an ombre thing. Because with the sun, the rum bleaches your hair. That was a sort of natural way of getting highlights.”

She also uses other natural ingredients to give her hair a boost. “Cooking products are not just for cooking, you can use them for beauty, for wellness,” she says. “If you live in the islands, you get a coconut and you use every part of that coconut…You can squeeze it and make coconut milk, and that milk you put on your skin, on your hair.”

It’s not the first time we’ve heard of the benefits of coconut for moisturizing skin and replenishing hair, but using rum instead of hair bleach? Now that’s a helluva hack. If it makes our hair look anything like the Guardians of the Galaxy actress’s, we’re totally raiding our liquor cabinet!

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(h/t Hello Giggles, photos via Anthony Harvey/Getty, Frazer Harrison/Getty)