You know who had an out of this world holiday, filled with not one, but TWO new bundles of joy? Zoë Saldana and her husband Marco Perego. The Guardians of the Galaxy star posted an Instagram this past Friday announcing the birth of her twin boys, Cy Aridio and Bowie Ezio.


The twins were born on Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 27, Zoë’s rep told PEOPLE. The two boys are bound to have the looks with parents like Zoë and Marco, but their names will give them an edge as well. Cy, meaning sun or throne, is headed for king of the playground in no time, while Bowie is a name bound for the stage. The rockstar-worthy name is actually Gaelic and means “blond.”

Zoë announced her pregnancy via the Ice Bucket Challenge back in August and then adorably confirmed the couple was having twins when she was planning her Halloween costume, stating, “I might need three costumes. I might have to make some adjustments, but it would be nice.”


This blockbuster movie star is gearing up for a huge 2015 as both Star Trek 3 AND Avatar 2 begin filming in 2015. All that on top of taking care of two newborns and, who knows, maybe Guardians of the Galaxy 2 will begin filming by year’s end?!

Now that we’ve got the names and a cute picture of the twin’s bottles, all we’re waiting on is a picture of the for-sure cuties.

What do you think of little Cy and Bowie? Share your #TWINNING baby names with us below ;)

(Photos via @zoesaldana + Frederick M. Brown/Getty)