Ah, cats: Let us count the ways we love thee. Whether they’re stealing our hearts in Halloween garb or slaying the great outdoors, there’s no denying that these strange little creatures have earned an irreplaceable spot in our hearts (and on the internet) forever. Thus, it only seemed fitting that on National Cat Day we’d pay homage to our feline friends with 10 of the best cat Instagram accounts around, each one unique in his/her own way. But instead of the usual suspects (we ALL love Grumpy Cat and ‘Lil BUB, after all), you’ll find some rising stars on the list who you need to know before they hit the big time (if they haven’t already). Read on to see who made the cut below!

1. @winstonsmushface, 20.9K followers: We can’t even begin to explain all the ways seeing Winston Smushface’s mug cross our feed brings us joy. Maybe it’s the completely ungentlemanly way he sits, or that look of complete bewilderment that seems to be permanently etched on his face… or maybe it’s just that ridiculous haircut. But whatever it is, we can not. get. enough.

2. @goalkitty, 31.7K followers: If you’re not familiar with Keys, AKA Goal Kitty, allow us to introduce you to your new obsession. Keys likes to raise his arms into the air like a field goal. A lot. For no particular reason. His owner can’t explain the behavior, but luckily, he documents it for us all and posts it to Instagram, and really, isn’t that reason enough?

3. @loki­_the_sphynx, 23.7K followers: Not only is Loki the Sphynx unusual in breed (he’s hairless, in case you hadn’t noticed), he’s also… unusually well dressed? No, but seriously: This cat has a jumper collection like you wouldn’t believe. Those sweaters paired with those smoldering stares? Pure Instagram gold.

4. @soulpatchkat, 7,229 followers: Soul Patch Kat is a cool little chick — so cool, in fact, that she even has her own likeness on a pillow. Unique for (what else?!) the black soul patch she sports on her chin, this kitty recently underwent surgery on her hip, so here’s to wishing her a speedy recovery!

5. @princessmonstertruck, 258K followers: With a face that only a mother (and the rest of the world) could love via Instagram, Princess Monster Truck has earned her right to her Instagram honors ― she was a stray rescued from “the mean streets of New York.” Now adored by 258K fans, she’s got all the reason in the world to grin that quirky, underbitten grin.

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Excuse me, can we bring the weekend back please?

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6. @samhaseyebrows, 212K followers: Why, yes. Yes he does. And a whole lot of followers because of it. Whereas Grumpy Cat looks perpetually angry, Sam looks… perpetually alarmed, providing hours of entertainment.

7. @studleycat, 46.7k followers: Just TRY to tell us that Studley Cat doesn’t look like a tiny little grandpa! Though his round, saucer-shaped eyes and his pushed-in nose often makes him look slightly down in the dumps, he’s simply too cute to look away from.

8. @spicethebengal, 19.5k followers: Not only are these Bengal kitties (Spice + Lele) completely darling in and of themselves, the photography on the part of their owners is top notch. These are no amateurs: Even simple behaviors like sharpening claws become total works of art in the hands of this masterful account. Think National Geographic for cats.

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Nom nom nom🐷😬 www.nalacat.com

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9. @nala_cat, 3.1m followers: With 3.1 million followers, Nala is a bonafide Instagram STAR, and it’s not hard to see why: Those wide baby blues paired with a love of… (is that cheese?), sheets and cardboard boxes make her impossible not to love.

10. @tidus03, 2,274 followers: Giving Grumpy Cat a run for his money is Tidus, who, quite frankly, always looks pissed. In all fairness, we’ve got a sneaking suspicion this COULD be due to the frequency with which his owners dress him up (to the amusement of us all).

Bonus: @catwiththeirtonguesout, 99.4k followers: The premise of this account is simple enough: Capture cats with — you guessed it! ― their tongues out, but it’s good for a laugh at LEAST twice a week, and, best of all, snaps come from followers, so your own Fluffy pal could get his/her 15 minutes, should you tag the right shot.

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