Natural elements are a great way to bring a bit of the outdoors in and add some unique, show-stopping bling to your home or wardrobe. From the rough boho-chic feel of geode DIYs to vibrant-hued and shimmering stone and gem jewelry, sparkly rocks are… well, a rockin‘ way to incorporate a little elegance into your life. The hottest rock in design right now is the lovely agate. Take a peek at a few of these stunning accessories that will make you an agate convert.


1. Urban Outfitters Agate Notebook ($7): Jot down your daily goings-on, to-do lists, goals and doodles in this hypnotizing notebook.


2. West Elm Agate Cabinet Handle Set ($25): Dress up a cabinet with these sliced and polished agate cabinet handles and bring some natural beauty to your home.


3. Agate Slice Coasters Kit ($39): Make your own DIY gold-leaf agate coasters with our easy-to-follow kit. Show them off with pride on your coffee table and impress your guests with your amazing DIY skills.


4. Uncommon Goods Agate Night Light ($42): How gorgeous are these nightlights by Anna Rabinowicz? Bring a soft glow and organic feel to your home with these one-of-a-kind nightlights.


5. Agate Pendant Necklace Kit ($24): No two pieces of agate are alike. If you want some super unique baubles, turn a beautiful slice of agate into two striking pendant necklaces with our agate pendant necklace kit.

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6. Vivaterra Agate Serving Plates ($75): Cut and finely polished from raw Brazilian stones, these stunning agate serving plates are the perfect gorgeous show-stoppers for your next party.


7. Soulmakes Agate Candle Holders ($45): These candle holders add the perfect shimmering beauty and dreamy light. Snag them to make your space extra cozy for a relaxing evening by yourself or a romantic dinner with your boo.


8. West Elm Agate Jewelry Box ($49): Let your bauble box shine just as much as your jewels. Swap your plain ol’ jewelry box for this bold one with a soft velvet interior lining.


9. Watercolor Agate Fashion Print ($45): Brighten up your decor with this beautiful agate print filled with mesmerizing colors, subtle details and vibrant shades of pink and coral.


10. Soulmakes Agate Garland ($44): Catch some natural sunlight and illuminate your apartment with this vibrant garland strung on super soft leather lace.

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