In case you folks haven’t heard yet, top model, new mom and business mogul Tyra Banks is speaking at Brit + Co’s fourth annual Re:Make conference in San Francisco this Friday and Saturday (pssst… get your tix here if you haven’t yet!). In preparation, we’ve been practicing our smize (smile with the eyes) — after all, we want to make Tyra proud! Here are 10 times Tyra showed the world how to smize the right way.


1. The time she showed us how it’s done. (GIF via The CW)


2. The time she did it in slow mo. (GIF via The CW)


3. The time she introduced the world to Super Smize, her superhero alter ego. (GIF via The CW)


4. The time she demonstrated the difference between smizing and NOT smizing. (GIF via USA Today)


5. The time she mentored a young model on how to nail the smize. (GIF via The CW)


6. The time she did it in black and white. (GIF via The New York Times)


7. The time she basically taught a class in smizing. (GIF via The CW)


8. The time she showed us the power of the smize. (GIF via The CW)


9. The time she got camera ready for Nigel while smizing. (GIF via The CW)


10. The time she made heads explode with her incredible smizing ability. (GIF via HSN)

So, class, in case you need a refresher for what we learned here today: Just smize.


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(Featured photo via Frazer Harrison/Getty, GIF via The CW)