We've definitely got salad on the brain today, and for good reason. It’s healthy, yummy, and a great place to show off your culinary creativity. But if you eat salad as frequently as we do, you tend to get a little bored with your plain bowl and tongs routine. These 10 awesome servers are perfect for serving your trademark salad at a dinner party, or just to make an everyday meal a little funkier.

1. Bird Salad Bowl and Servers Set ($38): This pretty bowl and its perching servers add a touch of original simplicity to your table.

2. Pitchfork and Shovel ($99): “Dig in” to a tasty salad with these farm-inspired serving utensils.

3. Salad Plant ($25): Is your dinner table begging for a touch of whimsy? This may be just what it needs. We love the idea of using the “pot” to serve dressing.

4. Hands-On Bowl and Servers ($25): Sleek and steamlined, this set brings minimalist design to the salad world.

5. Row Boat Salad Bowl ($65): This fun and funky dish (complete with oars as servers!) is sure to row, row, row your boat.

6. Dino Salad Servers ($25): These just might be the cutest herbivores in the whole world. Plus, they remind us of The Land Before Time, which is never a bad thing.

7. Chill Salad Bowl Set ($12): Snap-in serving tools, a built-in ice pack, and a lid for easy transport and storage, this bowl maximizes convenience.

8. Ombre Salad Servers ($22): Experimentingwith ombre is kind of our thing. So we swooned when we saw these gorgeous ombre salad servers. This pair is available on Etsy, but they’re also definitely ripe for some DIY action (maybe with nail polish).

9. Polka Dot Salad Servers ($16): These servers are bright and colorful without being over-the-top and utilize a simple design without being boring. That’s basically a design win if you ask us.

10. Lettuce Entertain You… Endive In ($72): Upcycled, vintage, and pun-tastic, this salad server set is sure to give your guests a chuckle.

How do you serve up a little personality with your salad? Which of these dishes up the perfect combo of fun and function? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us your thoughts.