March brought us a massive number of new starbabies, including no fewer than five sets of twins! Among the newsmaking baby names: Ivanka Trump’s new son Theodore James, Anne Hathaway’s Jonathan Rosebanks, Seth Meyers and Alexi Ashe’s baby boy Ashe Olsen, Chad Lowe’s Nixie Barbara and James Van Der Beek’s fourth child, Emilia. Scroll on for 101 more recently debuted celebrity baby names.


March Celebrity Baby Names for Twins

1. + 2. Arina and Isabella, sisters of Eric, Kirrill (m) and Maurice (Philipp Hildebrand and Margarita Bogdanova)

3. + 4. Ben and Zack, brothers of Elliz (f) (Zdeno Chára and Tatiana Biskupicova)

5. + 6. Huub BartFrans and MarlieMarieJosé, brother and sister of Geert (m) (Frans Zanderink and Leonie Boerkamp)

7. + 8. LennoxNoel and PhoenixAvery, brothers of Trinity, Dylan (f) and Jackson (Chris and Adrienne Bosh)

9. + 10. Rex and Roman, (Terry Richardson and Alexandra Bolotow)


March Celebrity Baby Names for Girls

11. AbigailAnn, (Darren and Sarah Brown)

12. Aiya Rose, (Andrew Keegan and Arista Ilona)

13. Alexia, (Rafik Dehni and Lorena Ayala)

14. A’mei Kazuko, sister of Megaa (m) (Omarion and Apryl Jones)

15. Anna, sister of Christopher (Adam and Asami Liaw)

16. AryaLondon, (Rob and Rochelle Brann)

17. Benedita, sister of Lopo (m) (Joao Lapa and Cuca Roseta)

18. Clara, (Sebastien and Alizée Corchia)

19. Cléa, sister of Louis and Georges (Marc Lévy and Pauline Lévêque)

20. Dalina, sister of Delani (f) and Dion (m) (Dennis and Dana Diekmeier)

21. Daria Andreevna, sister of Maxim (Andrey Levunin and Anna Bogali)

22. Emilia, sister of Joshua, Olivia and Annabel (James and Kimberly Van Der Beek)

23. Emma, sister of Josefa, Maite and Mateo (Claudio Bravo and Carla Pardo)

24. Estrella, (Isaac Cuenca and Imane Feger)

25. Fleuri AmedeaValentina, (Jacobien Schumacher and Arjen Huffels)

26. Frances Laiz, sister of Julius (Ben McKenzie and Morena Baccarin)

27. GeorgiaJames, (Brandon Breault and Christine Lakin)

28. GraceElizabeth, sister of Luke and Molly (Jacob and Christen Young)

29. Isabel, sister of Cristian and Chanel (Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi)

30. IsabellaRose, sister of Will and Max (Mark and Sarah Sheppard)

31. IslaKate, sister of Nash (m) and Everly (f) (Britton and Nikki Colquitt)

32. Iva, (Ivan and Ivana Santini)

33. JaylaEve, (Jordan Kahu and JessKent)

34. JohnnieLee, sister of Calo (m), Viva and Ava (MartinLee and Kerrilee Gore)

35. KhariBarbie, sister of Aydin and Zaviera (Fetty Wap and Masika Kalysha)

36. Laura, sister of Diogo and Sophia (Dante Bonfim CostaSantos and Jocelyn De Souza Santos)

37. LillieMaeLouise, sister of Stella (ChrisColeman and HollyWilliams)

38. Mia, sister of Timofey (Pavel Priluchnyy and Agata Mutsenietse)

39. Mia Bracha Gizem, (Ozcan Akyol and Anna van den Breemer)

40. MinkaJagger, sister of Yasmeen and Destiny (Daymond John)

41. Morgane, sister of Lily (Régis Defrasne and Sandrine Bailly)

42. NavaValentina, sister of Alba (Gareth Bale and Emma Rhys-Jones)

43. NixieBarbara, sister of Mabel and Fiona (Chad Lowe and Kim Painter)

44. OliveBelle, (Aidan Guerra and Belinda Bartholomew-Walsh)

45. PearlMonroe, sister of Carson (f) (Chad and Meredith Tucker)

46. PoseyTheadora, sister of Tex, Kitty, Lulu and Mia (Gavin and Pippa Wanganeen)

47. RemiMcKenna, sister of Caden (m) (Chris and Kaitlyn Lucas)

48. Rose, sister of Ella (Yoni Buyens and Jill Withofs)

49. Rozenn, (Maxime le Marchand)

50. Sapphire, (Curtis and Jacinta Rona)

51. Sara, (Casemiro and Anna Mariana Ortega)

52. Scarlett Heleena, sister of Hudson (Devon and Dawni Sawa)

53. Sofia, (Patrick Antonelli and Amel Bent)

54. Sofia, sister of Maxim (Sergey Ivanov and Ekaterina Agandeeva)

55. Thelma, sister of Edgar (Thomas Isle and Carole Tolila)

56. VeraAudrey, (Eric Bilitch and Emilie de Ravin)


March Celebrity Baby Names for Boys

57. AidanPaul, (Stacie Venagro)

58. AlecRichard, (Max Shifrin and Sara Haines)

59. AsheOlsen, (Seth Meyers and Alexi Ashe)

60. AustinMichael, brother of Addison (f) (Stephen Stagliano and DeAnna Pappas Stagliano)

61. BowieGrey, brother of Buster (Matthew Wolfenden and Charley Webb)

62. CallumJordi, brother of Ayden (Daryl and Alexandra Impey)

63. CameronLincoln, (Jared Cotter and Melanie Fiona)

64. Dex, brother of Jordan (m) (Michiel Kramer and Sabine de Lat)

65. Enzo, (David and Melissa Fumero)

66. Enzo, (Sergio Busquets and Elena Galera)

67. Evan, brother of Jade (Olivier and Jennifer Giroud)

68. Fyodor, brother of Georgiy, Aleksandr, Andrey, Nikita, Vera, Sofia and Polina (Evgeniy Tsyganov and Yulia Snigir)

69. GeorgiosApolo, (Alexandros Konstantaras and Lizz Njagah)

70. Guillermo, brother of Isabella (Julio and Silvia Baptista)

71. Harlo, (Blake Ferguson and Bianca Menniti)

72. Hunter, brother of Hayley (Jordan and Jessica Crane)

73. IsaacJames, brother of Eli and Audrey (Matthew Goodwin and Francesca Battistelli)

74. IsaiahSionRobertNesta, brother of Judah (f), Gideon and Abraham (Ziggy and Orly Marley)

75. JamesVesper, brother of Day (f) (Dirk Hoorn and Vivian Reijs)

76. JeremiahThomas, (Sam and Chontel Duncan)

77. JohnRocco, (Jill MacLean)

78. Jonathan Rosebanks, (Adam Shulman and Anne Hathaway)

79. José Ignacio, (Jota Peletero and Jessica Bueno Álvarez)

80. LegendRobert, brother of Hendrix (Robert Smith and Hope Dworaczyk Smith)

81. LennoxSawyer, (Kacy Lockwood and Amy Davidson)

82. Leo, (David Poisson)

83. Leonard, (Roman and Lisa Weidenfeller)

84. LeviAaron, brother of Samuel (Seth Cooperman and Anna Silk)

85. Luka, (Aleksandar Mitrovic and Kristina Janjic)

86. MaddoxLaurel, brother of Weslie (f) (Stephen “tWitch” Boss and Allison Holker)

87. Makar, brother of Fyodr, Evdokiya and Serafima (Andrey Merzlikin and Anna Merzlikina)

88. Mason Milian, (Kevin De Bruyne and Michele Lacroix)

89. Mathias, (Óscar Duarte and Vanessa Crespi)

90. MatteoBenjamin, brother of Óscar, Alex (m) and Ivan (Óscar Cardoza and Laura Soledad Benitez)

91. NathanKnox, brother of Jayden (m) (Jeffrey and Kim Sneijder)

92. OscarCarlOlof, brother of Estelle (TRH Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden)

93. Otto, brother of Raul and Moises (Daniel de Oliveira and Sophie Charlotte)

94. PhoenixValentine, brother of Millana, Kiera and Sierra (Trent Croad and Kym Valentine)

95. SebastianJames, brother of Victoria (Shane Aaron and Teresa Castillo)

96. Sebastian Lopeti, (Alefaio Brewer and Agnes Bruckner)

97. Shaffer Chimere “SJ,” brother of Mason (m) and Madilyn (Ne-Yo and Crystal Renay Smith)

98. Stach, (Steef van Stiphout)

99. TexMarley, brother of Boh (m) (Corey and Renee Enright)

100. TheodoreJames, brother of Joseph and Arabella (Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump)

101. ZaydenJaxon, (George Hill and Samantha Garcia)

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