There’s no one whose creative expression compares to the passionate zodiac of a Leo. Bright, bold colors match your nature and govern your drive to lead. If you’re one of these fiery lions whose birthday is just around the corner, celebrate the best year yet with a Leo-inspired tattoo. To give you some ideas, check out these *fierce* tattoos inspired by your zodiac. From dramatic watercolor pieces to striking constellation designs, here are 11 bold and beautiful tat ideas that are Leo-approved.

1. Watercolor Lion: Streaks of vibrant colors come together in this striking piece. If you similarly relate to your zodiac’s love for creative and dramatic expression, consider going the watercolor route for your bit of ink.

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2. Colorful Lion: Though the Gemini zodiac is typically associated with dual natures, that doesn’t mean there isn’t more than one side to *your* zodiac. Capture the two sides to your personality with a whimsical two-sided tattoo.

3. Scattered Stars: Instead of going the traditional route, opt to keep your stars as free entities. The scattered stars will give your zodiac a whimsical touch.

4. Leo Zodiac: Rep pride for your sign by combining more than one symbol. This look combines Leo’s zodiac and lion symbols for an entirely new and distinctive design.

5. Leo Symbol: It’s all about the placement. For a more work-friendly spot of ink, opt for a behind-the-ear tat that can easily be tucked behind your mane — er… hair.

6. Constellation Made of Freckles: Don’t let those freckles go to waste! Get the adorable look of this constellation by incorporating a few of your speckles into your star sign.

7. Lion With Crown: It’s no secret Leos embody the pride of a ferocious lion, including its inherent sense of regality. If you identify with your zodiac’s natural drive for leadership, consider getting this crowned lion tatted on you!

8. Geometric Constellation: If you’re having trouble deciding between getting your star sign or spirit animal tattooed, why not compromise by getting both? This geometric lion and constellation tattoo shows you how it’s done.

9. Abstract Lion: There are always strengths and weaknesses, pros and cons, positive and negative sides that make us whole. Express the contrast between your halves with this abstract lion tattoo.

10. Constellation With Dates: For a unique touch, incorporate meaningful digits into your zodiac’s star sign. Whether it’s your DOB or birthplace coordinates, your numbers are sure to make your tattoo even more special.

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