Your passion for fashion goes way beyond a simple clothing addiction; it鈥檚 a full-blown obsession. You can turn almost anything into your next style statement, including your Zodiac sign (say whaaat?). Snag a tattoo that鈥檚 totally you 鈥 whether you鈥檙e a chatty Gemini or hot-headed Aries, a Zodiac tat is the perfect way to rep who you are with some fashionable flair. From a literal Leo鈥檚 lion to minimalist tattoos that bear your symbol, scroll on to find the tat that鈥檚 just your type.

1. Aquarius: Aquarius are known for their affinity for water. Just like the ocean, Aquarius-born can tend toward the quieter side, but have the capacity to release a side of themselves that鈥檚 wild and energetic. Show the world you鈥檙e as multifaceted as the sea with a crashing wave that represents your spirited nature.

2. Pisces: Pisces know that two is always better than one. Opt for a tattoo (or two) that celebrates the polarity of your sign with a colorful portrayal of your yin and yang.

3. Aries: You strut through life horns first. Channel this geometric ram tat to display your willingness to take charge and *make* life happen.

4. Taurus: You鈥檙e as tough as an ox! While others may see Taurus鈥檚 stubbornness as a weakness, you view it as one of your greatest strengths. Get a tat that reps the fact that you鈥檙e the kind of gal that always sticks to her guns.

5. Gemini: Keep your Zodiac imagery elegant and understated by opting for a minimalist, symbolic tattoo. The soft flourishes framing this Roman numeral tat lend an air of femininity and preserve the integrity of this twin-inspired ink.

6. Cancer: Cancers are known for navigating life in unique ways. Put a spotlight on your outside-the-box mindset with an asymmetrical tattoo that proves different can be stunning.

7. Leo: You鈥檝e got the heart of a lion, and you don鈥檛 care who knows it. Leos are known for being very confident, so get a tat that represents your inner strength, like this bold feline image that鈥檚 all kinds of fierce.

8. Virgo: Every zodiac sign has its own constellation. This cluster of stars represents an angelic winged lady, a powerful symbol of womanhood.

9. Libra: Karma, justice, equity鈥 whatever you wanna call it, you鈥檙e all about leading a harmonious life. Choose a tattoo that shows you value keeping the peace by channeling the most righteous sign.

10. Scorpio: Display your Scorpio pride on the DL with the sign鈥檚 M glyph written in a pretty script. Just don鈥檛 forget the stinger on the end; this girl can go from sweet to deadly in moments flat.

11. Sagittarius: A woman after our own hearts. Similar to the archer goddess Artemis, you rely on both wisdom and bravery when it comes to marking your place in the world. Flaunt your #girlboss nature with an artful archer tat.

12. Capricorn: Like the goat associated with your sign, you move through life surefooted and at your own pace. Get a stylized tat that reveals your patience and strength to pump up the design factor of your meaningful ink.

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