17 Unique Wall Art Display Ideas That Aren’t Another Gallery Wall
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17 Unique Wall Art Display Ideas That Aren’t Another Gallery Wall

So you’ve collected works by your favorite artist and are ready to start decorating your home. But before you hammer and nail anything to the walls, why not go over all of your options first? We know (and love) how art can look amazing when hung up on a gallery wall, but just in case the Pinterest-popular decor trend isn’t for you (or your landlord has a strict “no nails” policy), we tracked down all the cool and alternative ways to spice up your art collection. Read on and get ready to decorate with these unique art display ideas that’ll have you saying “gallery wall, what?” in no time!

1. Hang it on a clothesline. There’s something so simple (and affordable) about hanging your favorite art prints on a clothesline. As your collection progresses, easily upgrade your decor by clothespinning something new. (via Hitta Hem)

2. Let it float. Simple floating shelves give plain walls a mountain of decorating opportunities. An eye-catching art display like this is so simple to pull off — just place framed pieces in scattering heights, and voilà! (via Transitoinicial)

3. Lean it on the floor. For that cool, laid-back look, lean art vertically against the wall. The undone effect gives your home a nonchalant, lived-in touch and is the perfect solution for renters who have to follow a “no nails” rule. (via Amelia Metromode)

4. Utilize binder clips. If modern and minimal is your decor style, metallic binder clips are your decor bestie. The unexpectedly stylish office supplies make it easy to clip your favorite prints for an industrial-chic look. (via Hem Trender / Christopher Hunt)

5. Lean it on other frames. When your collection is brimming with new pieces, find creative ways to use what you have, including other framed works. Extra space can always be utilized, and those added pieces can give your display a super casual-cool vibe. (via The Minimalist Home)

6. Make an art mobile. There are tons of ways to display art, but this one takes the cake for its cool DIY angle. With a branch and some string, you can create an art or photo mobile for a unique display that has a handmade touch and loads of personality. (via Fawn Deviney)

7. Clip it together. To make switching out prints even easier, create a gallery or mood board of clipboards. Clipboards force you to keep your collection of prints organized and allow you to easily rotate your prints as your style or project changes. (via Deko)

8. Try invisible shelves. For a clean, put-together look, use floating shelves in the same color as your walls. The shelves blend with the walls and let your art collection stand out to be the focal point. (via Interior Junkie)

9. Urban Outfitters Wire Wall Grid ($60): It’s hard to keep collages from looking cluttered. Luckily, this wire wall grid from Urban Outfitters helps keep the clutter at bay. The simple metal wire gives collections a clean backdrop — perfect for organizing inspirational prints and photos.

10. Use skirt hangers. Not sure what to hang up? No problem. Skirt hangers give you the flexibility of switching things up as your art collection evolves. Plus, you can paint skirt hangers in a variety of colors to match your decor. (via Home Designing)

11. Layer it over. Whether you have a cabinet, console table or picture ledge, layering framed art over each other on any empty surface looks cool in that casual, I-just-put-this-there kind of way. (via MyDomaine / Chris Paity)

12. Hang it on a bookshelf. The places to hang art in your home are limitless. Try hanging art in front of a bookshelf for an at-home library that exudes eclectic style. (via Babble)

13. Wrap it around. If your space has a random wall or corner that sticks out (NYC renters, we’re looking at you), take the opportunity to make the best of it. By adding a wrap-around gallery, it can look less contractor-gone-bad and more intentionally chic. (via Inside Out)

14. Lay it on a stack of books. The leaning look is the ultimate cool way to display your art. Use stacks of books on the floor to add another layer of the undone look to your home. (via Apartment Therapy / Kim Lucian)

15. Make an artful view. Make your art the room’s centerpiece by hanging it in front of a window. The unexpected placement will give your abode tons of personality and a cool new view. (via William-Sonoma)

16. Surround yourself with shelves of art. For a full-fledged art display, add lots of shelves behind the couch or in a reading nook. Lots of framed pieces in a limited color palette help give your bold showcase a unified look. (via Apartment Therapy / Annika von Holdt)

17. Use picture rail moldings. Traditional molding in your home actually creates an easy way to hang up art. Simply hook a picture or gallery rod to hang up framed pieces for a vintage-inspired display. (via One Kings Lane)

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