It’s January, which means Pinterest is buzzing with inspirational ideas for transforming your life in the new year. Even though Pinterest is clearly dominated by females — Pew Research Center says 42 percent of online women are Pinterest users, compared with just 13 percent of men — it turns out men also enjoy their fair share of pinning. Pinterest recently examined trending searches on the site and found some surprising results for the top pinned ideas between sexes so far in 2016 (also be sure to check out 100 Pinterest trend predictions for 2016).

Pinterest feature

Not surprisingly, men and women both want to plan good ideas for the new year such as being healthier, getting organized and enjoying the great outdoors. Top pins for both sexes include cold-weather slow cooker recipes, soup, spice-storing hacks, home gym ideas and kids’ art display ideas. They’re also both interested in the Feng Shui Bagua map, which is a method for dividing space on a vision board to match various parts of your life such as travel, family, creativity and wisdom.

Pinterest healthy eating

But here’s where men and women differ in their pinning priorities:

Top pins from the guys

Paleo ideas

Pocket squares

Nutri Ninja smoothie recipes

Superbowl snackadiums

Luxe watches

Ultralight backpacking meals

Outdoor travel hacks

Airstream campers

Off-the-grid cabins


Top Pins from the gals

Budget-friendly travel with kids

New Zealand


Food in mugs

Going minimalist

Cozy PJs

DIY beauty tips

Minty home decor

Outdoor wear 101

How to rock a leather midi skirt

When delving into specific sections of Pinterest such as travel, the company found that both sexes are interested in visiting Portland, Ireland, Turkey, Nicaragua and the Amalfi Coast. Women, however, are particularly interested in places such as Madrid and New Zealand, while men want to see Thailand and Columbia.

Not surprisingly, beauty preferences differ between sexes. Women pin DIY anti-aging serum and ways to lighten their hair, while men focus on pocket squares and beard styles.

And when it comes to food, women flock to clean eating recipes and men pin healthy meals for two.

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(h/t Pinterest; photo via Ninja Kitchen)