While the iPhone and iPad have so many awesome things built in, the apps and tools developers are churning out every day keep baffling us with handiness, gorgeousness, and that general feeling of, “why didn’t we think of that?” The apps that really get our goat are clever, beautiful, and happen to be ridiculously simple.

Today’s made-us-look find is the super slick Chameleon Clock.

An app by Netwalk, Chameleon Clock ($0.99) turns the background of your iPhone or iPad into a dynamic see-through screen saver.

Using your device’s back-facing camera, this app will overlay the current time and day on a continuously updated chameleon skin background of whatever is behind your device. So, if your desk overlooks a window, you’ll be able to see through your iPhone or iPad to the scene outside.

If you don’t necessarily need the whole window affect but love the idea of camouflage, you can toggle to the mode that simply matches your clock background to whatever is behind your device.

Is this app crucial to your productivity? No. Is it clean, futuristic, and modern? And rumor has it, Apple has been trying to patent the same type of technology, so there has be something to it. ;)

What do you think of the Chameleon Clock? A must-have? Or just a cool trick? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or come find us on Twitter.