With the blink of an eye, Halloween is done and past, and it’s time for a new holiday. That’s right — it’s Turkey day’s time to shine! If you’re planning on hosting a Friendsgiving this year, make sure your get-together outshines the rest with fun, festive and colorful decorations. Whether that means enlisting a cornucopia piñata or stuffing a turkey with confetti (read on, you’ll see), these 25 decor ideas will surely help you on your way to the *best Friendsgiving ever.*

DIY Cornucopia Piñata Friendsgiving Decor

1. DIY Cornucopia Piñata: Put your leftover Halloween candy to use, and *no,* we don’t mean binging-out. Just chuck ’em inside this cornucopia piñata your guests can take a swing at. It’ll be an activity much appreciated, especially after that second helping of pumpkin pie. (via Brit + Co)

DIY Painted Foam Leaves Friendsgiving Decor

2. DIY Painted Foam Leaves: Transform foam leaves into an assorted rainbow with your choice of spray paint colors. Use hot glue to attach the leaves to each other, and there you have it — one festive and modern backdrop fit for a photo booth or drinks bar. (via A Kailo Chic Life)

DIY Gradient Orb Taper Candle Holders Friendsgiving Decor

3. DIY Gradient Orb Taper Candle Holders: Your friends will never guess that these candle holders actually started out as round pieces of foam. Use spray paint to paint bursts of color all around the orbs for a similar gradient effect. But feel free to spray paint them a solid color, if you prefer a more refined look. (via A Kailo Chic Life)

DIY Paper Leaf Thanksgiving Table Runners Friendsgiving Decor

4. DIY Paper Leaf Thanksgiving Table Runners: Turn up the *feels* by having friends write notes sharing what they’re thankful for onto paper leaves. Over dinner, read what everyone wrote and try to guess who said what, for a fun way to share how grateful everyone is for everything and each other. (via Momtastic)

DIY Mini Pumpkin and Gourd Vases Friendsgiving Decor

5. DIY Mini Pumpkin and Gourd Vases: For an alternative to the traditional flower arrangement, source a collection of mini pumpkins at your local grocery store or a pumpkin patch to turn into DIY planters. Simply scoop out the center of your pumpkins and gourds, then plop a succulent or air plant right in. The best part is your friends can take them home as party favors. (via Brit + Co)

DIY Thanksgiving Balloons Decor

6. DIY Thanksgiving Balloons: Balloons go a long way in decorating your party space. These punny Thanksgiving-themed ones are no exception. You can even ask friends to help you think up some hilarious ones to DIY on the spot! (via Studio DIY / Balloon Time)

DIY Mini Succulent Cornucopia Table Cards Friendsgiving Decor

7. DIY Mini Succulent Cornucopia Table Cards: How adorable are these mini cornucopias? If you dig them as much as we do, make enough for your own friends. All you’ll need is some paracord and hot glue. (via Brit + Co)

DIY Copper Leaf Drink Stirrers Friendsgiving Decor

8. DIY Copper Leaf Drink Stirrers: Don’t fret if your glassware isn’t “fancy” enough. Just dress up each glass with a copper leaf drink stirrer that’s sure to make any holiday cocktail extra festive. (via A Kailo Chic Life)

DIY Crayon Place Cards Friendsgiving Decor

9. DIY Crayon Place Cards: Entertain guests with DIY place cards that give off a personalized touch. Cover your table with kraft paper instead of a tablecloth and your friends will be able to doodle and write notes of thanks while they wait for the turkey. (via A Bubbly Life)

DIY Confetti-Stuffed Turkey Friendsgiving Decor

10. DIY Confetti-Stuffed Turkey: Hostesses can be a little touchy when it comes to how their turkey is prepared. Luckily, this turkey’s got nothing that needs fixing. Stuff a white lunch bag turkey with *lots* of confetti you can shower friends with post-real-turkey. (via Studio DIY)


11. DIY Colorful Fall Glassware: While there are plenty of colorful glasses you can buy, DIYing is always a lot more fun ;) Make this pretty fall glassware set to serve drinks from, and come Friendsgiving, you’re bound to get some oohs and ahhs. (via Delineate Your Dwelling / Oriental Trading Company)


12. DIY Printable Thanksgiving Food Label Cards: Streamline the wait at the Friendsgiving buffet table by labeling all the food with these handy printable cards. It’ll speed up the process while adding some welcome color to the table. (via Lovely Indeed)

13. DIY Felt Leaf Garland: Cutting out each leaf may take a while, so this project is one best started long before Turkey day. Or, if your Friendsgiving can do with an activity, recruit your friends to help you cut and make the garland together. (via The Magic Onions)

14. DIY Gold Scallop Thanksgiving Garland: Here’s a chic gold DIY garland to be thankful for. To make it, you’ll need to purchase a scallop circle paper punch, if you don’t already have one. But the plus side is you can use it to give just about any of your future DIY projects a stylish scallop pattern. (via Homey Oh My / PBteen)


15. DIY Thanksgiving Banner: Go crazy with colored felt to create your own bright and bold banner. Once you’re done, hang it up high to remind your pals of how thankful you are to have them in your life. (via Tell Love and Party)


16. DIY Emoji Turkey Leg Balloons: Disguise areas of plain wall or undecorated spaces with a bunch of balloons featuring a couple of DIY emoji turkey legs. They’ll ensure that every corner is bursting with fun and festive decorations. (via Aww Sam)


17. DIY Pumpkin Pie Slice Hat: Get your guests in the mood for games with this playful pumpkin pie slice hat. You can even have your friends make them for one another to make the activity more engaging. (via Studio DIY)


18. DIY Copper-Wrapped Candles: Elegant decor doesn’t have to be hard: Take these DIY copper-wrapped candles, for example. Simply wrap plain LED candles with copper foil tape for a fall look that screams chic. (via Design Improvised)


19. DIY Thankful Placemats and Napkin Rings: Step up your place-setting game with this stylish DIY. Just add a pom-pom border to your place mat and along your napkin ring for the ultimate table sprucer-upper. (via Brit + Co)


20. DIY Turkey Feather Place Cards: Give your holiday get-together a cute and quirky feel with these colorful turkey feather place cards. All you’ll need to make them is a cork, colored markers and paper. (via Almost Makes Perfect)


21. DIY Autumnal Wreath: This gorgeous autumnal wreath deserves a prime spot at your Friendsgiving to show it off. Whether it’s the front door or above your dessert bar, take your pick. (via Brit + Co)


22. DIY Fall Harvest Table Runner: Amp up the festive vibes with a table runner made of fresh fruit. Just spoon out the core from a batch of apples, then pop in a tea light. Place your tea light apples in the middle of your table, then add a couple of branches to complete your holiday tablescape. (via Brit + Co)


23. DIY Watercolor Leaves Place Cards: As pretty as fall leaves are, sadly, they don’t last very long. Present your friends with a wooden alternative that’s just as pretty but will last long after your Friendsgiving get-together ends. (via Shrimp Salad Circus)


24. DIY Gold Pinecone Place Card Holders: Fall is a time for pinecones galore. So take advantage of your sidewalk litter and upcycle them into stylish place card holders with a coat of gold glitter spray paint. (via Squirrelly Minds)


25. Give Thanks Balloons: Spell out your favorite Thanksgiving phrase with some shiny mylar letter balloons to spruce up a plain wall. Leave it at that, or throw in a colorful garland or two to complete the look. (via Brit + Co)

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