If you’ve ever seen Free to Be You and Me, you may have dreamed of running like the wind, just like Princess Atalanta. Now technology may be able to help you run faster than you ever dreamed. Inventor Keahi Seymour dreamed of being able to go beyond the limits of how fast the human body could move. His Bionic Boots do just that by allowing the wearer to reach speeds up to 25 MPH. His inspiration for their unique design came from ostriches and other speedy animals.


As a child, Seymour noticed that fast animals like kangaroos use their Achilles tendons as springs. That is what inspired the design and unique look of Bionic Boots. Seymour developed his first prototype in 1998. 17 years and 200 prototypes later, Seymour can reach speeds up to 25 MPH in his latest carbon-fiber model. He isn’t resting on his laurels though. Seymour is looking to improve his working prototype and eventually clock in at 40 MPH.


While he doesn’t have any plans to market the boots, we’re betting that with boots this fast, you wouldn’t have any excuses for being late to work, and you’d probably never miss the bus either. We’re excited to see how Keahi Seymour’s designs will develop as he makes his boots faster than ever!

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