Now that the weather is *officially* cooperating with us, a聽picnic in the park is totally necessary. There鈥檚 really no better excuse to get with your besties, lay out a DIYed blanket and snack聽on some yummy food in the great outdoors than celebrating your 30th birthday.聽Instead of throwing an extravagant backyard barbecue for your big 3-0聽this summer, switch things up with a (just as over-the-top) picnic in the park. Scroll through to find ways聽to up your picnic decor and DIY聽your fun-in-the-sun birthday聽party. It鈥檒l be anything but basic.


1. DIY Picnic Blanket:聽What鈥檚 a picnic without a picnic blanket? Impress your pals聽with a DIY option like this one. Just grab a drop cloth,聽paint on your favorite summer fruit and let it dry. Once you鈥檝e got the design down, it鈥檒l be ready for some quality time in the park. (via Brit + Co)


2. Strawberry Cucumber Limeade: It鈥檚 summer, and that means you鈥檙e going to need some seriously refreshing drinks at your party. Whip up this strawberry +聽cucumber limeade for a punch you can sip on all afternoon. And hey, if you want to spike it, we won鈥檛 judge ;)聽(via Blahnik Baker)


3. DIY Picnic Basket: A place to聽store all of the yummy goodies you鈥檙e bringing to the picnic is a total must. Upcycle your classic聽basket with some elastic and super glue so you鈥檒l have a place to keep聽your聽glasses and utensils too.聽(via Lovely Indeed)


4. DIY Tassel Balloon: It鈥檚 your birthday, and that definitely calls for some balloons to celebrate. DIY this option by tying on fabric聽tassels to a jumbo balloon to make your picnic area extra festive. (via The House That Lars Built)


5. DIY Snack Trays: Instead of using a pack of paper plates from the grocery store, go for something unique like a stack of these DIY snack trays. All you need to do is print a聽fun pattern on card stock, then聽use a bone folder, ruler and some glue to create the bowl effect. (via Studio DIY)


6. Let鈥檚 Picnic Printable Invitation: A party isn鈥檛 complete without an epic invitation. DL this printable, scribble in your party deets and send 鈥檈m off to get your friends excited for your birthday. (via Eat Drink Chic)


7. Grapefruit Popsicles: Equal parts pink lemonade + grapefruit juice + fresh grapefruit slices = the most refreshing sweet treat for your birthday聽picnic. Help your guests cool off by making a batch of these and sticking them in the cooler for when your peeps聽just can鈥檛 take the heat. (via Paper + Stitch)


8. DIY Origami Cutlery Holders: Looking for the perfect way to kick your cutlery up a notch? Spend an聽afternoon DIYing a set of origami utensil holders that are sure to add some oomph to your picnic vibe. (via Brit + Co)


9. DIY Giant Lawn Matching Game: A picnic in the park is the *best* excuse to DIY those lawn games you鈥檝e been pinning on your Pinterest boards. Add a little friendly competition with this giant matching game that you can use for the rest of your summer parties.聽(via Studio DIY)


10. DIY Watermelon Print Napkins: Picnics can tend to get a little on the聽messy side. Solution: a set of adorable watermelon napkins, of course. Pick up a set of white cotton napkins and use a sponge to stamp on a fruity pattern like this one to keep your bash mess-free. (via The Sweetest Occasion)


11. Marinated Veggie Salad: This zesty Italian veggie salad is equally as delish as it is perfect for your picnic. Simply mix up some chopped veggies and mozzarella cheese, then聽top it off with some Italian dressing for a salad聽your besties won鈥檛 be able to resist.聽(via Lunching Daily)


12. DIY Balloon Centerpiece: Just because you鈥檙e eating on the ground doesn鈥檛 mean you can鈥檛 have a cute centerpiece to go with your epic DIY聽blanket. Blow up colorful balloons and use duct tape to attach聽them together聽for an easy last-minute option. (via The House That Lars Built)


13. Chalkboard Picnic Sign: Now this is聽how to lead your guests to the picnic in style. Snag a chalkboard sign at the craft store and add a little hand lettering to create a picnic decoration that *won鈥檛* blow away. (via Kara鈥檚 Party Ideas)


14. DIY Clip-On Picnic Utensils: When you鈥檙e throwing a picnic party, sometimes you get worried about forgetting the little things, like utensils. Well, that is until now. Make these DIY clip-on utensils that you can add to brown bags so nobody will have to eat with their hands.聽(via Oh Happy Day)


15. DIY Bocce Ball Set: There鈥檚 no such thing as聽too many games at a birthday party. Spice up last year鈥檚 bocce ball set with a fresh coat of spray paint and some聽stickers to聽add some modern flair to your fave classic game. (via Brit + Co)


16. Balloon + Blanket Setup: Excessive amounts of balloons are a-okay when you鈥檙e turning the big 3-0. Head to the party store for a *bunch* of balloons so you can surround your picnic blanket with them, because if that鈥檚 not festive AF, then we don鈥檛 know what is.聽(via The House That Lars Built)

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