With February 14 quickly approaching, it’s never too late to DIY a gift for your boo — even if it’s an anti-Valentine’s Day card. If you’re short on time and don’t want to grab a clever Valentine’s Day gift, don’t give up just yet. Indulge in the lovey-dovey holiday with one of these 15 adorable 3D DIY Valentine’s Day cards that will give your S.O. *all* the feels.


1. Wooly Be My Valentine?: This valentine is as sweet and cuddly as your cuddle buddy. Download the free printable, glue on some colorful pom-poms of all different sizes, and voila! You have yourself a wooly DIY. (via Hello, Wonderful)


2. Pop-Up Heart: Whip up a bunch of these pixel-inspired pop-up cards for all of your favorites. Paired with some delicious chocolate and some sweet nothings, these cards will definitely show the L-O-V-E. (via Brit + Co)


3. Hershey’s Kiss Post Card: Activate your valentine’s sense of taste with some Hersey’s kisses in the ultimate symbol of love. All you need is this printable card and chocolate to get the job done. (via The Craft Patch)


4. Honeycomb Valentine’s Day Card: This V-day card is quirky and creative — just like your honey. Start your day together sunny-side up with an egg printable in pink or blue. Crack open a mini honeycomb ball and attach it with double-sided tape to fry up a statement over breakfast. (via Make and Tell)


5. Candy Valentine: If your S.O. has a thing for sweets, this card might be the one to make. Pop into your nearby craft store for this easy DIY. (via Hey Lets Make Stuff)


6. Enamel Pin Cards: Nothin’ says “be mine” quite like some bling, so add a little enamel flair to catch your honey pie’s eye. (via Aww Sam)


7. Fries Before Guys Card: No need to get too mushy. Cut to the chase with a DIY that appeals to their secret craving: McDonald’s fries. (Psst: This card goes particularly well with an *actual* carton of the spuds themselves.) (via Studio DIY)


8. Heart Sunglasses Valentine: Is everything sunny when you’re with your S.O.? Let them know with this sunglasses DIY. Get the look using card stock, markers and, of course, sunnies. (via Studio DIY)

Tootsie Pop Cherry Valentines

9. Tootsie Pop Cherry Valentines: Let the candy lover in your life know how much they mean to you with this precious card. (via The House That Lars Built)

Sugar and Cloth

10. Macaron Cards: This one’s a good option for your best gal (or the family member that has a v. good sense of humor). (via Sugar & Cloth)

Mini Party Blowouts

11. Mini Party Blowout Cards: Was your life a little bit boring before you met your special someone? Brighten up Mr. or Ms. Right’s world with this card, just like they did for you IRL. (via A Joyful Riot)

Valentine's Day Cards

12. Sucker For Love Valentine: Sometimes basic cards are the best. *Especially* when a little sugar is involved. (via A Bubbly Life)

Amazing Valentine

13. A-Maze-Ing Valentine: We’re all for a punny Valentine. Simply print these cards and glue a maze to the card for a sweet, cheeky treat. Easy? Yes. Adorable? Very. (via Lemon Thistle)

14. String Heart Yarn Cards: Activate your valentine’s sense of touch with colorful texture in the ultimate symbol of love. All you need is yarn, thick card stock, a threading needle, and a heart template. Bonus points if you use their favorite color. (via Brit + Co)


15. Boombox Valentines: Bring the good vibes to the occasion with a throwback boombox valentine that tells them how much they rock. Literally. (via Lemon Thistle)

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Additional reporting by Sarah Koller