We love adding a good pattern to whatever we can. From pillows to vases and everything in between, a spiffy design is the easiest way to add a bit of character to any space. And now Matthijs Kok, a designer based out of Amsterdam, has developed a tool that will make adding a chic print to any surface a piece of cake.


His brilliant new tool, a paint roller created with a 3D printer, will redefine the way we paint our surfaces. The roller handles are reusable and interchangeable, so you can play with patterns forever. The rollers are available to download and 3D print in various embossed patterns, including a honeycomb, voronoi, trefoil and chevron print. Because the patterns on the rollers include no visible seams, they’re a perfect substitute for wallpaper.


Not only are they perfect for painting walls, but they can also be used to add a pop of pattern to fabric, furniture or pretty much any flat surface. These rollers could put your painstaking stenciling days behind you. We’re already dreaming of all the DIY projects this tool would be handy for!


What would you paint with this 3D foam roller? Let us know in the comments!