These days, the world is kicking back in their 3D printed reclining chair, wearing 3D printed clothes and eating a 3D printed pastry as they thumb through their phone that’s rocking a 3D printed case. But besides all that old news, what’s happening in the 3D printing industry today? You might’ve seen a few articles here and there, but perhaps you didn’t have the time to read it all. We’re about to lay down all the latest updates in TL;DR format to catch you up. Yup, it’s time for a binge update on the 3D printing world.


1. BS Toy 3D Printer: This printer is made to be kid friendly. The Japanese-made 3D printer uses biodegradable low-temperature filament, allowing the printer to reach temperatures of 176 degrees Fahrenheit rather than 250+ degrees. The printer isn’t available yet, but when it is released, all filament will be FDA-approved to ensure they’re kid safe.


2. 3D Printing Medicinal Bone Cancer Treatments: Taking an everyday MakerBot Replicator 2X and some ExtrusionBot filament, scientists have shown that it is now possible to 3D print biodegradable pills that can cure bone infections and bone cancer. The medicine is delivered inside the human body via a 3D printed PLA pill, which is biocompatible and will simply dissolve inside. You’ll never look at your MakerBot the same way again. (h/t 3D Printing Industry)


3. 3D by Flow: Creative juices always flowing? Perhaps this tiny 3D printer will be the answer to your undying inspiration. Insert your SD card or USB, 3D print in high quality and pack up in a snap. A literal snap — 3D by Flow comes with its own case that snaps shut after you’re finished making.


4. SOLS + WebPT: SOLS and WebPT have partnered to create 3D printed foot orthotics, meaning custom orthotics will be more widely available for those who are in need of professional therapy. Eventually, everyone will be able to do more standing and less sitting. Looks like we’re going to need more Stir kinetic desks!


5. Katy Perry’s Chess Pieces: Remember when the stage at the Super Bowl turned into an epic chessboard and all the backup dancers came out as chess pieces? Who would’ve guessed that those saw-like mohawk hats were 3D printed? They were created by Legacy Effects using the Stratasys 3D printer, and they were even programmed with light effects. According to the lead systems engineer at Legacy Effects, Katy’s art assistant didn’t give them enough time to make something visually appealing and cost efficient, but luckily 3D printing came to the rescue. Otherwise, Katy really might’ve ended up feeling like a plain house of cards… about to cave in. (h/t 3D Print)

6. How to Unclog Your Smart Extruders: Yup, your MakerBot’s Smart Extruders probably clog up more than your Keurig does, but thanks to Fargo 3D Printing and their awesome four and a half minute video, you’ll only have to worry about your Keurig now.


7. Hueway’s Latest 3D Printers: As of late, it seems like it’s all about making printers portable or more kid friendly, but Hueway released two new 3D printers for those of you who are looking for a high-quality product. The HW509 and HW512 printers have high positioning accuracy and automatic build platform adjustment to ensure great prints.


8. Geo Mod: Messy closet got you down? Geo Mod was created to organize closets in an easy way that really utilizes small spaces. Using a mesh of 3D printed hexagonal shapes, Geo Mod can hold your heels, belts, scarves, hats and, of course, your shirts and pants. If you break it, you can trash it because they’re biodegradable. (h/t Emerging Prairie)


9. Curved LEGOs: We can finally build rounded objects! Imagine creating a sports car, sticking a Raspberry Pi on it and adding some LittleBits. We have to put this on our DIY list. You can download the print design from Thingiverse.


10. NTU Venture 8 + 9: Speaking of making cars, Singaporean students have created awesome urban electric vehicles that were made possible through 3D printing and solar panels. Thanks to the entire body being made of 3D printed material, the car is super lightweight. A+, kiddos.


11. Stalaclights: These are probably the most beautiful 3D printed light bulbs we’ve ever seen. Designed by Studio David Graas, these lights are upside down skyscrapers taken from the New York and Chicago skylines. They aren’t very bright, but they were made to look like glowing stalactites that grow inside limestone caves. They can serve as creative night lights or mood lighting for you and your SO (just in time for Valentine’s Day).


12. CocoJet 3D Printer: At Hershey’s HQ in Pennsylvania, you can print yourself a yummy candy bar to satisfy your sweet tooth. Chocolately creations are built layer by layer, but the products still have to undergo taste testing to make sure they taste just like a regularly made Hershey’s chocolate bar. Hi, um… yeah, we’d like to volunteer as taste testers. (h/t 3D Printing Industry)


13. Synapse: Wearing this helmet gives you instant mind-bending powers. Synapse is a helmet that morphs into different shapes according to the wearer’s brainwaves. People have started to explore controlling the device with certain neural commands.


14. 3D Printed Body Parts: We’ve heard of people having 3D-printed prosthetic limbs, but now medical professionals are exploring the possibility of printing out internal organs. This would require a bioprinter that uses bio-ink, which is basically “ink” with cells in it. Organovo has already been able to 3D print blood vessels, livers and other internal organs for cancer treatment research. (h/t Mercury News)


15. Creative Machines Lab: Cornell University’s Creative Machines Lab is stepping up to the 3D printed plate. Literally. The folks over at the lab have been exploring the possibility of customized nutrition. We could all wake up one day and just print out an entirely balanced breakfast in a little bar or pill! Whaaat? (h/t Washington Post)

Which piece of 3D printing news was your favorite? Anything that got you excited? We want to hear all about it in the comments below!