At its core, minimalist design is centered around finding a few really amazing pieces and letting them stand out in an otherwise uncluttered room. For a baby’s nursery, this may be the easiest solution to creating a calm space for your baby to play and rest. It’s also a great way to maintain a somewhat blank slate as your child’s budding personality brings further style inspo to the room. From cozy rugs to thoughtfully collected art prints, here are five minimalist nurseries that are really nailing it.

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

1. Baby Animal Inspiration: Sweet photographs of baby animals take center stage in this light-filled and cozy nursery. The walls are left otherwise clean, and a big fuzzy Moroccan rug covers the floor for playtime. (via The Animal Print Shop)


2. Incorporating Family Heritage: Make your family’s heritage the focal point by using style inspiration from your roots. This minimalist nursery was styled with understated hints of black, gold and mint, with sweet nods to the mother’s Native American background. (via Grey Likes Baby/ Jenna Marie)


3. Eclectic Minimalism: If you know you want to have more than one child, swaying the minimalistic route will typically give you a bigger bang for your buck. By keeping the walls clean and using elements such as colorful wall hangings and indoor plants, this nursery can either grow with the baby or go for round two with the next one. (via Mrs. Meason)


4. Bright and Neutral: A neutral background can make playful art and colorful bedding elements pop. The white-on-white details in this room are offset by the warmness of the wood floors, cozy rugs and rich colors in the room’s minimal accents. (via Project Nursery)


5. Highlighting Contrast: The dark, single chalkboard wall in this nursery highlights the brightness from the white accents and a flood of natural light. An added bonus is that the chalkboard wall can become a part of playtime as the baby grows older. (via Style Me Pretty/ Christina Loucks)

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