Learning how to throw your first dinner party is one thing. But figuring out how to make an inspired, yet pureed, meal? That’s a whole other thing. If you’re thinking of trying your hand at homemade baby food, but have no idea where to start, you’re not alone. Sure, you can throw something in the food processor and make it soft, but that’s not entirely appetizing. So why not branch out? Here are five baby food recipe sites with a refreshing take on infant cuisine.

momtastic baby food recipes

1. Momtastic — Wholesome Baby Food: This blog has amazing and easy recipes, but it also has a TON of advice for new parents who are still figuring out how to get the whole baby food-making thing under control. Here you can learn about storage tips and freezing charts, and get practical advice on what to keep handy in the kitchen. (via Momtastic)

tropical smoothie for babies

2. Weelicious: This site has fast and nutritious meal options with uncomplicated ingredients. The creative ideas here include a recipe for a tropical coconut smoothie and another for cantaloupe cream. Yummm! (via Weelicious)

blueberry puree for babies

3. Baby Foode: Created by a mama who tasted — and threw away — her baby’s store bought food before she fed it to her child, this site is bursting with amazing recipes and tips from first foods to entire family meals. (via Baby Foode)

peeled apples for baby applesauce

4. Smitten Kitchen — Baby: If you’re already enjoying life as a foodie, then Smitten Kitchen isn’t all that new to you. But did you know that they also have baby recipes, too? Check out their Baby category to see gorgeous food photography and beautiful recipes combine into a gourmet yet accessible collection of recipes for your early eater. (via Smitten Kitchen — Baby)

baby food recipe lentil puree

5. Annabel Karmel: With categories like Quick and Easy, Budget, Vegetarian and Royal, you’re probably going to find something for everyone on the site. The recipes are fun and easy, and many are also uniquely British. (via Annabel Karmel)

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