Maybe you just splurged on that fancy food processor you’ve been eyeing, or maybe you’ve always had one hanging in the back of your cabinet. Either way, having a few key recipes tucked away in your repertoire will make sure you get the most for your money, and ensure that you’re working smarter, not harder. You might actually be surprised at all the ah-mazing things your little powerhouse can do. Check out these 12 recipes that put your food processor to use in unexpected ways.


1. Potato Latkes: If you ever find yourself needing to shred a ton of potatoes quickly, your food processor will make it look easy. (via Tori Avey)


2. Homemade Goldfish Crackers: Get the kids involved and let them help cut out the crackers. Don’t have a tiny cookie cutter? Large icing tips work well, or you can use their trick and make your own custom shape out of a soda can. (via Tasty Kitchen)

Flavored Butters

3. Flavored Butter: Delicious on warm crusty bread or melted on top of your favorite protein, blended butters are both easy to make and totally impressive. (via Your Homebased Mom)


4. Brioche: When a dough comes together, rises and gets punched back down all without ever leaving the food processor, there’s really no reason not to make it. (via Sophistimom)


5. Cauliflower Pizza Crust: We’ve all seen the cauliflower crusts on Pinterest, with over 1.5 million repins. Trust us, this one is top-notch. (via Gimmie Delicious)


6. Fruit Roll-Ups: Make your own version of a childhood favorite so you can be sure you know exactly what is going in your body. It’s one decision you can definitely feel good about. (via Make + Haus)


7. Peanut Butter: Next time you’re at the store, grab a jar of peanut butter and look at the long list of ingredients. Then come home and make this recipe that consists of only one thing: peanuts! (via Gimmie Some Oven)


8. Ground Meat: Buying pre-ground meat means you can never be absolutely certain about what is inside, despite doing all your research and scanning labels. Now you can have complete control. (via Food 52)


9. Pasta Dough: From fresh spaghetti to perfect pizza dough, this one will get you through it all. (via The Kitchn)


10. Potato Chips: Slicing potatoes evenly and thin enough to make chips may seem intimidating, but that’s where the handy-dandy adjustable slicing attachment comes to the rescue. (via Kitchen Maid)


11. Ranch Dressing: Cool, refreshing and delicious on everything from salads to chicken wings, ranch dressing is a recipe everyone needs under their belt. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to two weeks… if it lasts that long ;) (via A Teaspoon of Happiness)


12. Blackberry Ice Cream: There’s nothing better on a hot day than a bowl of ice cream. With this recipe, you can indulge and not have to feel guilty about it. (via The View From Great Island)

How do you plan on putting your food processor to work next? Do you have any recipes we have to try? Let us know on the comments!