There鈥檚 nothing more thrilling than travel, but it can be hard to leave a four-legged loved one at home when you鈥檙e on the road. But thanks to the rise in pet parents (millennials are the biggest sector, natch), more and more hotel properties are taking notice of ways to better care for you and your pooch. Bowls, beds, bags of goodies 鈥 these properties will roll out the red carpet for you and your dog (or in some cases, cat).

1. Barnsley Gardens Resort, Adairsville, Georgia: Located in North Georgia, the historic and sprawling Barnsley Resort will waive the $75 pet fee and instead donate it to PAWS Atlanta, which takes care of orphaned animals in the area. They also have 10 miles of hiking for you and your pup, and almost all public areas are accessible to animals. There鈥檚 no weight limit either, so you can bring your Goldendoodle without any worries.

2. Hotel Nikko, San Francisco: How鈥檚 this for adorable: Hotel Nikko in San Francisco has a COO 鈥 that鈥檚 Canine Operating Officer 鈥 named Buster. Buster even has his own Instagram account chronicling his adventures around the property. Dog guests here receive beds, bowls and treats, helping owners to travel with way less stuff, and there鈥檚 a patio area for dogs to run around like crazy to socialize. There鈥檚 a $50 fee, but it includes a welcome bag of goodies and placement on a special pet-friendly floor.

3. Fairmont Georgetown, Washington, D.C.: The entire Fairmont chain is notoriously pet-friendly, making it an easy go-to when you鈥檙e on the road and searching for someplace you and Fido can enjoy together. Dogs are greeted at the Fairmont Georgetown with healthy treats made in-house by the Executive Chef, and five percent of your room rate is donated to Washington Animal Rescue League. There鈥檚 no charge 鈥 repeat, no charge 鈥 for your pet to stay with you, and you鈥檒l get goodies such as walking maps, loaner leashes and more.

4. Summit Lodge, Whistler, British Columbia: For our Canadian friends up north, the Summit Lodge in British Columbia is the premier place to take your pup in the province. It鈥檚 a dogs-stay-free kind of place, which means your snow-loving babies can have their outdoor adventure on the mountain with you during one of the group dog hikes. You鈥檒l check in with a VIP Pets board boasting your best friend鈥檚 name. Look for Talitha, the house Rottweiler, around the resort as well.

5. San Ysidro Ranch, Santa Barbara: Pets have been welcome at the San Ysidro Ranch since the 1930s, making this the OG of pet-friendly resorts. A $100 pet fee gets you 17 miles of trails for hiking and walking with your dog, a bed, bowl, treats and even a Bow Wow Beanies toy. Here鈥檚 the kicker, though 鈥 your pet can get a 30-minute doggie massage. Book in advance!

6. 1 Hotel, Miami Beach: The 1 Hotel on South Beach will make your pet feel as glamorous as you do when in Miami. There鈥檚 a BarkBox-educated concierge team (seriously) who can help advise on the best experiences around town for you and your buddy. There鈥檚 also a disclaimer about doing their best to accommodate other types of animals, which begs the question of what people have asked for before (it鈥檚 Miami, after all!).

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7: Kimpton Hotel Monaco, Seattle: Kimpton Hotel Monaco in Seattle says that 鈥渁ny friend of yours is a friend of theirs,鈥 meaning they totally get your four-legged pal鈥檚 needs. No pet fee is required here, and your pooch (or feline!) will get disposable bags, a bed, a bowl, treats and bottled water. What will totally seal the deal for this to be your go-to in Seattle is that they have a Guppy Love program 鈥 if you can鈥檛 bring your pet for some reason, they鈥檒l give you a loaner goldfish to keep you company (and they鈥檒l do all the feeding!).

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