We’ve tried just about everything to get out of our workout rut — from signing up for trendy fitness classes to getting our kid on with recess-inspired workouts. But while we were avoiding our squats and watching the epic new Beauty and the Beast trailer (which is fantastic, BTW!), it hit us: Why not do a workout based on our all-time favorite movies? And during the holiday season, which is traditionally filled with overeating and enjoying movie marathons on the reg, we’ll take motivation wherever we can get it. Check out these eight workouts inspired by some of our silver screen faves. Enjoy!


1. For fans of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, try Harry Potter Yoga or Cat Yoga. Channel your inner wizard and strike a Downward Fluffy pose with Harry Potter yoga (wand provided). The Austin, TX class first took place around Halloween, but look for more to come in the future. And there’s nothing Newt Scamander would love more than spending an evening working out among a few furry felines. For fans of the new epic Wizarding World tale, try your hand at cat yoga by checking out your local cat cafe for classes and get ready for a purr-fect workout (sorry, we couldn’t resist).

2. For fans of Beauty and the Beast, try ballroom dancing. Okay, we know that it’s not *technically* out yet, but our excitement for the new live-action BATB is just too overwhelming to not including it on this list. To get ready for the premiere, we’re trying our hand at elegant ballroom dancing. Check your local dance studios for class schedules and get ready to glide your way to an enchanting workout.

3. For fans of Finding Dory, try Aqua Zumba. Just keep swimming, ladies! At this cardio-packed underwater fitness class, you’ll swim your way to toned arms and a strong core. It’s perfect for athletes with injuries (or “special fins”), as the water makes it low-impact for your joints.

4. For fans of Suicide Squad, try doing high-intensity suicide sprints. Sure, it’s a little on the nose… but what better way to celebrate your fave gang of anti-heroes than with a series of sweaty suicide sprints.

5. For fans of the new live-action The Legend of Tarzan, try Air. Swing through the air like the original monkey man himself with this high-flying aerial training workout. Perfect for beginners and beyond, the workouts will have you sweating up a storm… and pounding your chest with excitement.

6. For fans of Black Swan, try Cardio Barre. If grace, poise and killer abs are what you’re looking for, this is definitely the place to start. It’s low impact, so it’s perfect for beginners and the injury-prone, and yes, you’ll feel like a prima ballerina after just a few classes.

7. For fans of Whiplash, try POUND. Don’t worry, the instructors at POUND won’t berate you like Terence Fletcher. This cool new workout features a combination of cardio and strength training using bright weighted drumsticks. Rock on, girl.

8. For fans of Captain America: Civil War, try TRX Training. Inspired by the iconic scene where Captain America uses his killer biceps to hang onto a moving helicopter (full scene here… for research purposes), TRX training will whip your biceps into supernatural shape using your own bodyweight and a specialized TRX Suspension Trainer.

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(Featured photo via Warner Bros.)