So you’ve got a packed schedule, and family and friends to spend time with, but what about you? To help you nail it at all aspects of your awesomely busy life AND get you exercising those creative muscles, we’ve partnered with Acer to bring you eight online classes for FREE until 5/17/2017! We’ll teach you how to creatively tackle all those extra to-do’s so you can get back to the more important things in life. Like learning to take your own professional quality photos, giving your home a fresh new look, starting a side hustle, and being a productive badass.

Your most important tool / sidekick for all of these free online classes? A trusty (and fast!) Acer laptop to play your class video while you get working on your new creative project. Use your laptop like a tablet and get in the creative zone with one of the eight classes below!

1. How to Boost Your Productivity: We know ain’t nobody got time to waste around here. Make the most of your 24/7 with these valuable productivity tips and tricks.

2. Color + Pattern for Interior Design: Turn your crazy place into your happy place with these tricks of the interior design trade.

3. Intro to Ink Illustration: The kids have their crayons; you have your pens. Meet Ink Illustration, AKA next-level doodling for grown ups.

4. Brush Calligraphy: For those days when you just need a creative time out. Just grab a brush and go with the flow.

5. Acrylic Painting: Put those finger painting skills to good use. We’ll show you how to let loose on a white canvas with acrylic paints, brushes, and your own imagination.

6. Get Started on Instagram: Don’t be a regular Insta-mom, be a COOL Insta-mom. Share all the funny/cute/messy/silly parts of your life and start racking up a serious following at the same time.

7. Start Your First Creative Business: Full of good ideas? Turn one into a business. We’ll show you how to get it off the ground from your own home, in one hour, while still wearing your sweatpants.

8. Intro to Adobe Lightroom: Know how to take a decent pic, but not sure what to do with it next? Pssst, it’s alllll about the editing. Learn how to turn your pics into frame-ready artwork in no time.

Transform your home into a little workshop for the day with all your supplies, a fresh cup of coffee, and your laptop. Bonus points if you snag one of these durable and affordable Acer laptops that allow you to get your hands dirty AND save some cash for the other things you love doing, like putting your new creative skills to use!

Get started with a good laptop. Check out Acer’s Spin 7, Swift 7, and Switch Alpha 12 here and social pics of your creative projects using the hashtag #AceTheEveryday.

Sponsored by Acer.

Author: Lee Schellenberger

Photography: Brittany Griffin