We’re gearing up to celebrate our great nation’s 239th birthday. Whether you plan on hosting a game-filled barbecue, baking a star-spangled cake or decking everything out in red, white and blue, there are a couple festivities you should plan on doing all year long — like supporting American-made goods! In honor of Independence Day, we rounded up a list of 20 fashion brands that range from classic to up-and-coming indie that design and manufacture their goods right here in the U.S. of A.


1. Weston: Julienne Weston prides herself on keeping all the manufacturing of her eponymous line in her beloved city of San Francisco — and we give her props for it. A super versatile line, Weston’s aesthetic has an abundance of beautiful, dynamic prints and on-trend styles.


2. J Brand: Since its launch in 2004, the company has been a pioneer in the skinny jean game and become a favorite of celebs and style editors alike. The California-based company has never forgotten its roots though — they continue to design and manufacture everything in Los Angeles.


3. Eugenia Kim: The origin story of the brand is pretty great. After a bad haircut, the designer made a cloche hat to hide it. Local NYC boutiques took notice, placed their orders and the brand was born. Since then, the brand has been stocked in the likes of Barneys and Bergdorfs. Everything is still handcrafted in New York with love.


4. Pamela Love: Pamela Love started making her stunning jewelry in her Brooklyn apartment in 2007. The blingy brand prides itself on local production, using almost all recycled metals and ethically sourced gemstones. Now, that’s a line we can get behind!


5. Pendleton Woolen Mills: If you haven’t fallen in love with Pendleton something, you will. This heritage, family-owned brand has been around for 150 years and will likely be around for 150 more. Their mills span Washington and Oregon, but they keep it all in the US.


6. Steven Alan: The designer first opened his boutique in 1994 but didn’t start selling his own line until 1999, starting with the now-iconic Reverse Seam Shirt. Since then, Steven Alan has become synonymous with street-style cool, staying true to his classic American roots by making it all in the US.


7. Band of Outsiders: This LA-based brand was founded in 2004 by designer Scott Sternberg and the majority of their clothing has produced stateside. Known for the modern-yet-subversive American aesthetic, the brand is particularly identifiable by their shrunken schoolboy jackets and perfectly cut trousers. We like!


8. Flynn Skye: Flynn Skye’s designer, Amber Farr, named her line after her daughter. She resides in Venice Beach, Calfornia and manufactures everything in Los Angeles. What can we say? The brand likes to keep things local. Their dreamy printed maxi dresses and LA-chic jumpsuits are perfect for a Fourth of July beach day.


9. The Things We Keep: Founded in Brooklyn in 2011, The Things We Keep describe themselves as “an architectural jewelry line” — but they don’t limit themselves to sculptural jewelry. The brand also has a line of beautiful and locally produced home goods. You just found your next wedding gift.


10. Mansi Shah: This New York City studio produces the bags, scarves and headgear that all the cool kids are wearing. According to their manifesto, their products are “inspired by the alchemy of image-making.” They produce some of the most unique prints we’ve seen. We’ll take one of each, please.


11. Frank Clegg Leatherworks: Frank Clegg belongs to that category of brands where craftsmanship reigns supreme. Everything is handmade and of high quality. Moreover, they take pride in the fact that everything is produced in their workshops in Massachusetts. Now, that’s a bag that’ll last a lifetime.


12. American Apparel: We can’t say we pardon or condone their former CEO Dov Charney, but we do like some of the things the brand is doing. Almost 65 percent of their employees (that’s sewers, shippers, cutters, dyers and more) report to their production factories in downtown Los Angeles.


13. Shinola: The Shinola brand prides itself on quality custom-level American craftsmanship. The bicycle-building, watch-making brand has achieved just that. They decided to headquarter their business in Detroit, the city that suffered the most when the car industry went belly up, to bring more jobs to the area.


14. Rag & Bone: Though the designers are British, they founded their company in New York in 2002. (Trivia: “Rag & Bone” actually comes from a British-ism for “scavengering” or “junk”). Despite their roots, much of the brand is made domestically in the United States, and has drawn legions of fans worldwide.


15. American Giant: American Giant’s motto is “Don’t get comfortable.” They aren’t referring to the customer wearing their plush hoodies and slubby tees, which are the epitome of comfortable. They mean that, as a brand, they refuse to compromise quality and American manufacturing. Sounds good to us.


16. In God We Trust: Designer Shana Tabor pays homage to her New England upbringing with her modern striped two-piece sets and lovely tailored dresses. In God We Trust, which opened in 2005, takes pride in manufacturing everything domestically — in fact, all of their jewelry comes out of Brooklyn.


17. Reformation: This Los Angeles label was started in 2009 by designer Yael Aflalo and has a cultish following for their gorgeous flowy dresses and jumpsuits. Every limited-edition collection is sewn in their LA factories with an emphasis on sustainability. If you haven’t seen their wedding dresses yet, prepare to fall in love.


18. Alex & Ani: This eco-conscious jewelry line, belonging to designer Carolyn Rafaelian, not only focuses on using recycled metals for their jewelry, but also strives to design and craft everything in America. Their pieces are quirky, fun and prove you’re never too old for friendship bracelets.


19. Christy Dawn: Designer Christy Dawn draws inspiration for her brand from her rural upbringing in Placerville, California. Every piece is made by local artisans in downtown Los Angeles and has a distinctly old-world aesthetic.


20. Clashist: This bright, graphic co got their start on Kickstarter. Specializing in tongue-in-cheek tees and neon-bright cool prints, they first shot to fame with their Bill Murray and Zach Galifianakis shirts. Imagine showing up for your BBQ in one of those! Best part? All of their design and production happen in LA.

Do you have any favorite all-American brands? Tell us in the comments below!