While the holidays definitely come with an element of chaos (parties, visiting family, stressful dinners鈥), they also come with something that鈥檚 super hard to find at any other point the year: downtime. Maybe you spent it catching up on that new Netflix series Making a Murderer聽everyone is freaking out about or maybe you finally attempted that creative project new skill you haven鈥檛 had time to start. If you opted for the latter, it looks like you and actress Amanda Seyfried are both in the same boat.

amanda seyfried DIY

The actress who has starred in blockbuster films like Mean Girls, Les Mis茅rables and Dear Johntook to Instagram yesterday to share not one, but two things she鈥檚 made recently: frosted heart-shaped cookies and multicolored crochet stars. Amanda aptly captioned the snap, 鈥#hearts and #stars.鈥 Obviously, the cookies were made for eating but it鈥檚 unclear what she鈥檚 using the crocheted stars for. Our bets are on a quilt or maybe a custom-made garland.

This isn鈥檛 the first time celebs have taken to Instagram to share their creative ventures. Blake Lively proved she鈥檚 a pro baker last Valentine鈥檚 Day and Lauren Conrad cross-stitched her Christmas card. Stars, they鈥檙e just like us 鈥 except when they have no weekend plans and decide to rent out a yacht in the French Riviera just for fun. Then they鈥檙e super not us.

What projects did you make over the holidays? Share with us on Instagram by using the hashtag #iamcreative.

(Photo via @mingey)