We adore Amazon. The company has mastered the art of instant (or as close to it as possible) gratification, to the point where we’re actually disappointed if we’re shopping elsewhere and don’t get free two-day shipping. Smart move, Amazon. Of course, if you’re not a Prime member, you wouldn’t get your stuff in two days anyway, but with all the benefits that come with it, why wouldn’t you want it? Unlimited music makes for some sweet dance parties, and you can even get lunch delivered to you, so you don’t have to pause those awesome Amazon originals while you go get food.


Now it looks like errands might be a thing of the past too. Amazon launched Home Services last year, but it looks like the service is expanding, with job postings spotted that detail the duties of a Home Assistant:

“You will be an expert in helping Amazon customers keep up their home. You will be working with customers each day with tidying up around the home, laundry, and helping put groceries and essentials like toilet paper and paper towels away. You will assure that customers return to an errand-free home.”

If that doesn’t sound like a butler, we don’t know what does. Hopefully us Prime members will get some sort of discount on the service, because sometimes — especially after a night of partying — we just really aren’t feeling spring cleaning.

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(h/t TechCrunch, photos via Getty)