21 Ways to Upgrade Your Butcher Paper Gift Wrap

Brown paper packages tied up with string are for sure one of our favorite things, what with that simple, nostalgic aesthetic going on. One of our other favorite things is putting a modern twist on something classic, so look out, butcher paper — here comes the color! Order a few rolls of butcher kraft paper ($10), then bookmark your favorite gift wrap ideas below to get ready for the holidays.

1. Confetti and Glitter: Even the least crafty crafter can add some sparkle to their presents with some double-sided tape, masking tape and washi tape. (via Brit + Co)

2. Rainbow Garland ($18+): This paper garland makes the whole “tied up with string” part of wrapping so merry and bright.

3. Embroidery: Giving a really important gift? Dress your package to impress with an embroidered message. It’s the kind of wrapping paper you open veeeeeery carefully. (via Lines Across)

4. Neon Gift Bows: These bright bows are perfect for dressing up brown butcher paper. They look super advanced, but are actually SO easy to make. (via How About Orange)

5. Free-Hand Paint: Okay, seasonal wrapping paper can get expensive, but the beauty of brown butcher paper is it’s way easy to paint your own unique design. Your loved ones will love it. (via Made + Remade)

6. Children’s Book-Inspired Presents: “Maybe Christmas,” he thought, “doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas… perhaps… means a little bit more!” With wrapping like this, you won’t be seeing any Grinches on Christmas morning. (via You Are My Fave)

7. Fresh Flowers: When have flowers ever NOT made something better? Check out these pretty winter floral arrangements for inspiration. (via Studio DIY)

8. Speckled Paint: Can you dip a brush into paint? Can you flick your wrist? Then you can make this gorgeous snowfall wrapping paper. (via Go Forth)

9. Fresh Greenery: Perfect corners on packages are so overrated. Mess it up on purpose and add some string and some fresh herbs and BOOM. Rustic charm achieved. (via Local Milk)

10. Wine Bottle Wrapper: The details are subtle, and yet… Wrap that wine bottle in kraft paper for a look that is a thousand times classier than presenting it in a crinkled brown paper bag. (via Terrain)

11. Magazine Gift Bow: Forget those store-bought bows (they never stick anyway). Go eco-friendly by recycling magazine pages to make your own. (via Whole Living)

12. Pom-Poms: The original DIYer of this Anthropologie wrapping paper hack showed way more restraint than we ever would with a glue gun and pom-poms. Rah rah rah! (via Hooray Hurrah)

13. Coloring Pages: Sure, this printable coloring book wrapping paper is probably intended for kids, but adults can get in on the fun too. (via Say Yes)

14. Parcel Presents: If you’re loving the vintage look of butcher paper as gift wrap, go all the way with decorative classic air mail stickers. Way more fun (and prettier) than actually shipping boxes these days. (via LMNOP)

15. Rainbow Twine: Butcher paper and baker’s twine go together like cookies and milk for Santa. So why settle for just one color? (via The Twinery)

16. Interactive Gift Wrap: Look, we were all kids once, so we know the score. Kids peek at their presents. They just do. This year, try distracting them with a few “early” gifts like crayons on white butcher paper, tree decoration stickers and crossword puzzles. (via Lines Across)

17. Faux Chalkboard: Your hand-lettering is getting sooo good, so you should show it off. But you don’t need actual chalkboard paper to achieve this gift wrap. Instead, create the effect with black kraft paper and a white paint pen. (via Going Home to Roost)

18. Paper Flowers: If you haven’t learned how to make paper flowers yet, get on it — this gift wrap topper is just one of the many DIY projects you can use them in. (via Giochi di Carta)

19. Potato Stamps: The humble spud isn’t just for mashing up for Christmas dinner. Follow this tutorial to learn how to carve them into stamps and create your own patterned butcher paper. (via Brit + Co)

20. Washi Tape: THIS is why you should always have washi tape on hand. Everyone’s favorite craft supply can be used to draw some festive designs, or just to make pretty patterns. (via Brit + Co)

21. Food Wrapper: Don’t forget butcher paper’s roots. Instead of plastic wrap or foil, use butcher paper to fancy up whatever holiday cookies or gift baskets you’re putting together this year. (via HGTV)

How will you be snazzing up your gift wrap this year? Share your favorite ideas in the comments!