5 Things Every Playroom Needs

No matter how large or small of a space you may live in — if you don’t dedicate a place for a playroom, your entire home will soon be the dedicated toy explosion. The best way to make that not happen? Create a children’s zone that makes kids feel as though it’s their realm, an environment where they are free to play, make a mess and color on the walls without getting a time-out. Not sure just how to do that? Read on for the five playroom essentials to make any size playroom kiddo-friendly.

Dedicating a space in your home to your children’s toys poses a challenge. All the plastic paraphernalia may be sequestered to one place, but keeping it organized can be a struggle, especially if the space is small. Organization tools have to pass both the durability and ease-of-operation tests. The best off-the-shelf option that doesn’t break the bank is IKEA’s Trofast storage combo options ($70+), which comes in multiple sizes and configurations that accepts lots of storage options (baskets, drawers, bins). (via Ikea)

Artwork Display

If you don’t have any space left on the fridge, an alternative is using a curtain wire, such as the IKEA Dignitet ($15). This not only gives your child a place to display their latest production but also decorates the walls of your children’s play space, rather than trying to factor in another pricey art piece in its place. Better to have the authentic stuff by the inhabitants anyway, right? (via Love & Renovations)

Writing on the Walls

Give your children ownership of the room by giving them as few rules as possible. One thing that has always been a no-no is writing on the walls. Chalkboard paint pioneered the no harm, no foul concept. But! Chalk is messy! It gets all over your hands, your clothes and whatever else is in close proximity. IdeaPaint ($225+) solves this messy dilemma. It’s a thin, clear coat that is applied just like paint over the already-painted wall, whatever color it may be. Once the coat dries, you can write on the wall and remove the writing easily, sans mess. IdeaPaint is similar to a dry erase board, so you can use the same dry erase markers and erasers to draw and remove said drawing. (via Getty)

Durable Flooring

Plan for a play mat that is washable or a resilient rug that can handle crayons or a spilled sippy cup, but that is also comfortable to play on. When you have kids, most of the playtime is spent on the floor, starting when they are only a few months old, so establishing a space that is comfortable for you and your children to sit on and play blocks is imperative. (via Brit + Co)


After you’ve scouted out your kids’ play zone, it’s important to consider their safety. Before you can even believe it, babies can roll over and figure out how to put things in their mouth, so you must take extreme care with what is in reaching distance. All outlets should be covered and no cords or curtain rods/ropes should be hanging down that may cause a problem if you turn your head for even a second. (via Getty)

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