The votes are in! If your child’s bedroom doesn’t look like the inside of a Crayola box, then something is wrong. Kids deserve a crazy colorful space because, well, when else will they ever be able to sleep in a room that’s decked in orange and purple? Until they’re our age and have access to Pinterest… Grab those paintbrushes and get ready for a Pantone-pretty makeover, because these 20 bold and bright rooms are going to seriously inspire you.

1. Yellow: Yellow means happy, and a whole wall of it won’t fail to make your child smile. (via 101 Woonideeen)

2. Pink Pattern: Decorating with bright wallpaper is probably the easiest way to incorporate lots of color. Just be sure it’s a fun pattern! (via Ninainvorm)

3. Red, White and Blue: Use the classic trio for a bedroom that’s fit for Captain America. Those patriotic hues will morph into some patriotic pride as he grows. (via My Full House)

4. Polka Dots: Kids can pull off dotted clothes and dotted toys and dotted… well, everything. So why not give them a dotted wall, too? (via Hus and Hem)

5. Retro Disney: You don’t have to replicate the Rapunzel tower to create a Disney bedroom. Go retro with jewel tones and vintage Mickey accents. (via Persia Lou)

6. Layer Art: Whether it’s adorable prints or their own little finger paintings, layering artwork can make the most of your wall space. (via Land of Nod)

7. Ombre: Going with an ombre theme gives you lots of color options! (via Arch Daily)

8. Half-Painted: Half-painted walls are becoming more common, and they can be a great way to incorporate interest on your wall without using prints or wallpaper. (via Charlotte Love)

9. Book Ledges: Displaying all of your child’s picture books is a great way to add tons of color to the room and encourage reading at the same time. (via Project Nursery)

10. Purple and Orange: We couldn’t possibly reference an orange and purple room without actually showing you one! (via W Deck)

11. Two Colors: Pick two colors and let yourself go! Paint shelves, lamps, desks and whatever else has a hard surface :) (via Decor Advices)

12. Painted Beds: In a stew about two inherited mismatching beds? Paint them the same color and they’ll never even notice one is bigger… or at least we hope not. (via Christen Byrd)

13. Painted Ceiling: Painted ceiling? Yes please. In stripes? Oh yes, pretty please! (via ELLE Decor)

14. Circus: We doubt there is anywhere more colorful than the circus (except maybe our website!). Infuse your kiddo’s room with bold stripes and friendly animals. (via Morena’s Corner)

15. Adventure: Empty out a boy’s pockets and you’re likely to find sticks, rocks and the makings for an adventure. Add that into his bedroom with old maps and wood accents. (via My Life At Playtime)

16. Safari: Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Upgrade the black and white for stripes and dots and pops of yellow. And very large, lifelike animals, of course. (via Daily Candy)

17. Pops of Color: White walls can seem boring, but not if you fill the room with bright toys, curtains and pillows. (via A Lovely Lark)

18. Chevron Wall: A colorful chevron wall is sure to be a hit whether your kid is seven or 17. (via Sew a Fine Seam)

19. Hats: Recycle all those sparkly New Year’s Eve party hats and display them on the wall of your very own drama queen. (via The Design Files)

20. Let It Go: If your darling is old enough, why not let pick him or her pick the colors and patterns? We’re sure it will end up just as colorful as it would be if you picked it all out yourself. (via Hannah Blackmore Photography)

How do you brighten your kid’s room up with color? Which of these rooms inspires you? Tell us in the comments below!