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1. STOP EVERYTHING: Amy Schumer鈥檚 book has a release date. We鈥檝e been waiting for more info since Amy鈥檚 huge book deal was announced in the fall, and now we know: The sassily and brilliantly titled The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo will be out on August 16. We are 100% here for this. The book, said to cover Amy鈥檚 鈥渃hildhood, how she got her big break in comedy, her family and feminism,鈥 is available for pre-order in a bunch of ways via Amy鈥檚 website. If the promo image of the studded jacket and 鈥淔irst woman to write a book鈥 tagline is any indication, we already love it. (via Amy Schumer)

2. Can penguins be the new pet trend please? Maybe not 鈥 that seems pretty impractical 鈥 but this photo Anna Faris shared of her and husband Chris Pratt鈥檚 son Jack (who is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE, can we just say) is really making us think it could work. For cute reasons. That鈥檚 enough right? Both Anna and Chris grew up in Washington state, and back in October, Seattle鈥檚 Woodland Park Zoo asked them to name their newest penguin. As a penguin with aspirations to fly, they went with Eagle. Jack seems absolutely ecstatic, though in a follow up picture, he looked a little less so. 鈥淭urns out sometimes penguins smell,鈥 wrote Anna. Smelliness aside, we鈥檙e still dying of cuteness overload.

3. This lab and this teeny bunny are true friendship goals. Speaking of adorable animals, we couldn鈥檛 resist this video that鈥檚 been making its way around Facebook (Thanks, aunts and moms everywhere! Never change.). Some thoughts that will race through your mind while watching this video include: HOW IS THAT BUNNY REAL? THAT DOG IS SO NICE! CAN WE KEEP THEM BOTH? Etc. Photographer David Jackson recently re-posted the video that originally got 1 million views in its first 24 hours (it鈥檚 now at over 4 million), but this time we got a little more insight that made it even better: We knew the dog鈥檚 name was Meg, but the bunny? The bunny鈥 s name is John Stamos. RIP us, we have passed away. (via Facebook)

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4. Is Kylie Jenner getting rid of her pout? This cryptic Instagram post has got us wondering. Kylie posted an older photo of her natural lips, with a Photoshopped image of her famous temporary injection-pouted lips flying away with wings. LOL. The caption reads 鈥淔ly away my friend,鈥 and when you combine this with the teen franchise鈥榮 desire to go more natural this year, it seems like she might be ditching the pouty look for good. While we鈥檙e obviously happy to let Kylie do whatever she wants in terms of beauty, we would be especially excited to see her embrace her natural gorgeousness. She鈥檚 got lots of it.

5. This Beautyblender hair dye hack is so freaking cool. UK hairstylist Jamie Stevens is getting a lot of attention for his seemingly simple technique for perfect-looking strobing 鈥 cut a Beautyblender sponge in half, and use the flat edge for pressing the colored dye into whatever hair chunks you鈥檇 like. The outcome is honestly amazing, and while we鈥檇 still proooobably not try this at home, seeing a stylist DIY a dye job like this would be cool. (h/t Refinery29)

6. Quote of the day: 鈥淢y message for women who have had something happen to them, is that when they are at a point that they feel they鈥檙e ready to share it, they鈥檙e going to have such a fantastic load lifted from them, that they鈥檙e no longer going to feel like they鈥檙e carrying a secret; in the best possible way.鈥 鈥 Lucy Decoutere, the first alleged victim to publicly identify herself in the Jian Ghomeshi case. (via Halifolks)

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