When it comes to celebrity diets, there is no salad too healthy, no smoothie too green and no moondust too expensive (lookin’ at you, Gwyneth). But anyone who has tried a super strict diet knows that it’s hard to keep that up for a long period of time. So, in an attempt to stick with it, they sometimes get creative. New mom Anne Hathaway recently did just that in the form of this very mysterious (and edible) health food shot.

Anne posted this photo of her “food” on Instagram alongside the caption, “This is how my health shot arrived at lunch. God bless you LA (PS- this is a liquid shot that you drink. Not… anything else).”

So WTF is Anne actually eating? Her “syringe shot” is made by Kreation Juicery. The brand makes shots for four different purposes. One comes with a heavy dose of vitamin C, another is made to stop an illness in its tracks. There is also an overall wellness tonic and a “beautify” shot. Anne opted for the latter.


Her particular shot is packed with a super-concentrated dose of fresh fruits and veggies and is designed to improve your skin, hair and nails. While you might guess that these are $20 a pop, they’re actually only $5 each. Hey, however you want to get your daily dose of fruits and veg is fine by us. Just promise us this isn’t your WHOLE lunch, okay Anne?

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(Photo via John Sciulli/Getty)