There’s nothing we love more than taking a long, luxurious shower and lathering up with our favorite soaps, body washes and DIY scrubs. Of course, a full shower-time routine is a lot more difficult to pull off when you have to navigate the challenges of sharing a bathroom with roomies and dormmates, and now there’s another complication getting in the way of our sudsed-up bliss: The FDA says that some of your favorite soaps not only don’t clean your bod all that well, but they also aren’t even safe.

Last month, the FDA announced that it made its final ruling on the effectiveness and safety of antibacterial soaps, and products with certain active ingredients can no longer be marketed. Apparently, the manufacturers couldn’t prove they were safe for long-term daily use or demonstrate that they were any more effective than just plain ol’ soap and water when it comes to preventing illness and spreading infection. There are 19 ingredients manufacturers will now be required to remove, mainly triclosan and triclocarban. You can check out the full ingredients list here.

If you’re freaking out right now that you might have to give up some of your favorite products, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite safer swaps you should try instead.

Hand Soap


1. Honest Hand Soap ($5): Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company products promise to get you clean without any unnatural additives or harsh ingredients. And we love the pretty packaging.


2. Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap ($4): We love the basil scent, but you can also choose from lavender, bluebell, honeysuckle, apple and more.


3. Method Foaming Hand Wash ($4): You’ll still be able to find this brand at your local drug store, but it’s a quality natural formula you’ll love seeing on your sink.

Body Wash


4. Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Pure Castile Liquid Soap ($11 for 16 oz): The packaging makes it kind of look like a cleaning product, but Dr. Bronner’s is totally meant for showering, and we love the tingly wake-up effect of peppermint. actually rated it as their top pick for an all-natural soap.


5. Be Green Bath & Body Shower Gel ($20): We love this brand because it’s packed full of moisturizing coconut and olive oils and is an Environmental Working Group (EWG) top pick.


6. Attitude Body Wash Revival ($10): Another EWG top pick, Attitude is a great natural brand with ingredients you don’t have to worry about. It’s even cruelty-free and vegan.

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